STEM and seasons match perfectly with fun challenges that involve igloos, penguins, and ski jumps! If you are looking to keep the kids busy and give them something to work on during the school break or a stuck inside day, these printable winter STEM challenge activity cards are the solution! Get the kids away from the screens and encourage them to invent, design, and engineer their own winter wonderland. Simple STEM is perfect year round.


Winter STEM activities and challenge cards for kids quick STEM projects.

Fun Winter STEM Activities!

Explore the changing seasons with STEM. These free winter theme STEM activities are perfect for engaging kids in science, technology, engineering, and math as they complete fun challenges!

You need easy ideas for the kids right?

I want these printable winter STEM activity cards to be a simple way to have fun with your kids. They can be used in the classroom as easily as they can be used at home. Print, cut, and laminate to use over and over again.

What do Winter STEM challenges look like?

STEM challenges are usually open-ended suggestions to solve a problem or challenge that is meant to get your kids thinking about and using the design process?

What’s the design process? I’m glad you asked! In many ways, it’s a series of steps an engineer, inventor, or scientist would go through when trying to solve a problem. Read more about that here.

How to set your kids up for winter STEM challenges

Mostly, you have the opportunity to use what you have and let your kids get creative with simple materials.

My pro-tip is to grab a large, clean, and clear plastic tote or bin. Every time you come across a cool item you would normally toss into recycling, toss it in the bin instead. This goes the same for packaging materials and items you may otherwise throw away.

Standard STEM materials to save include:

  • paper towel tubes
  • toilet roll tubes
  • plastic bottles
  • tin cans (clean, smooth edges)
  • old CDs
  • cereal boxes, oatmeal containers
  • bubble wrap
  • packing peanuts

You can definitely make sure you have:

  • tape
  • glue and tape
  • scissors
  • markers and pencils
  • paper
  • rulers and measuring tape
  • recycled goods bin
  • non-recycled goods bin

Plus, you can make up an inexpensive winter tinkering kit.

Also, read about STEM on a budget for more ideas.

Winter tinkering kit for kids winter STEM activities

 Try a winter STEM challenge!

If you check out our winter tinkering basket, you will find a great list of supplies that are pretty common and easy to pull together. I love making themed tinker kits. Young kids really get a kick out of novelty activities and put a little excitement back into everyday projects.

Check out our main science activities page for all our holiday theme collections. There’s something for everyone.

Start with these ideas and build from there. We will have new challenges for each new season and holiday.

Click here to get your winter STEM activity cards!