Calling all junior scientists, engineers, explorers, inventors, and the like to dive into our INCREDIBLE list of best ever STEM projects for kids. These are STEM ideas you can really do and they really work! Whether you are tackling STEM in the classroom, with small groups, or in your own home, these fun STEM activities below are the perfect way to introduce STEM to kids.


STEM projects for kids and STEM ideas to keep kids busy all year! Free printable STEM activities pack.


You can explore STEM with confidence when you dig into our list of the best ever STEM projects for kids. All of these STEM ideas will fit nicely into your lesson plans, whether you are engaging kids in learning in the classroom or at home.

If you have been looking to see how STEM and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) work together, check out our new series here.

Our STEM activities are designed with you, the parent or teacher, in mind.  Easy to set up, quick to do, most activities will take only 15 to 30 minutes to complete and are heaps of fun!  Plus, our supplies lists usually contain only free or cheap materials you can source from home.


Let’s first start with STEM! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.  So a good STEM project will intertwine two or more of these learning areas to complete the project. STEM projects often focus on solving a problem and can be based on real-world applications.

Almost every good science or engineering project is really a STEM activity because you have to pull from different resources to complete it. Results happen when many different factors fall into place.

Technology and math are also important to work into the framework of STEM whether it’s through research or measurements.

It’s important that kids can navigate the technology and engineering portions of STEM needed for a successful future.  It’s good to remember there’s so much more to STEM than building expensive robots or being on screens for hours…


Looking for fun STEM projects to fit in with a theme or holiday?  Cool STEM ideas can be easily changed up through materials and colors to fit a season or holiday. 

Check out our STEM projects for all the major holidays/ seasons below. 



Simple science experiments were some of our very first explorations into STEM! Check out these awesome science experiments below.

Show the kids another fun way to blow up a balloon using a baking soda and vinegar chemical reaction.

Can you make an egg bounce? Find out with our egg in vinegar experiment.

Explore what happens when you add mentos and coke together.

Or what happens when you add a hot soda can to cold water.

Enjoy kitchen science you can do with everyday household items.  These fun food experiments are sure to develop a love for learning and science with your kids! 

Learn all about how plants breath and take learning outdoors with this fun and simple science activity. Plus, check out more plant activities for kids.

Check out these outdoor science activities like our popping bag experiment.

Kids are fascinated by crystals and you can easily grow borax crystals, salt crystals or sugar crystals.  Awesome for learning about solutes and solutions. Our favorite are these Crystal Geodes!

What makes ice melt faster? Investigate with a simple ice melting experiment that kids of varying ages can enjoy.

You have to try a baking soda and vinegar volcano!

How many paperclips can you fit in a glass of water? It’s simple science!

Grab out the candy and set up this fun skittles experiment. While you are it check out these other fun candy experiments!

Science you can eat with ice cream in a bag.

Water activities aren’t just for summer! You will love these fun and easy to set up water experiments.

Learn about surface tension of water with these surface tension experiments.

Making slime must be included because it is simply fascinating science and it’s easy to experiment with recipes. You can even create your own slime science project. 

Some of our most popular slime recipes to try… Fluffy Slime, Glow In The Dark Slime, Borax Slime and Marshmallow Slime.

how to make clear slime with borax

Check out our list of physics activities all in one spot with easy to set up instructions and simple science information. Explore Newton’s laws of motion and more.

An erupting lemon volcano is always a big hit with kids for cool chemistry. Buy extra lemons and try our fizzy lemonade science too!

Is it a liquid or is it a solid? Explore hands-on science with our oobleck recipe.

Real fireworks may not be safe to handle, but fireworks in a jar are the best!

Simple science and a cool chemical reaction with this fun DIY water bottle rocket!

Explore sound and vibrations when you try this fun dancing sprinkles experiment with the kids.

Make your own magnifying glass with a few simple supplies.

Try this rising water candle experiment.

Explore the DNA of a Strawberry

Set up a Lava Lamp to explore the density of liquids and add a fun chemical reaction.

Can you blow up a balloon with just salt and soda?

How do polar bears stay warm? Find out with this blubber experiment.

Learn about ocean pollution with our oil spill experiment.

Make a homemade lava lamp with salt.

Will it freeze? What happens to the freezing point of water when you add salt.

Grab some marbles and find out which one will fall to the bottom first with this easy viscosity experiment.

Blowing bubbles may seem like play, but there’s fascinating science involved too? Can you make bubble shapes?

Learn about osmosis when you try this fun potato osmosis experiment with the kids.

Sink or float with common items from the kitchen. Or take the penny boat challenge!

Easy to do an exothermic reaction with yeast for a fun potions STEM project and activity!

Is it magic or is it science? Make a dry erase drawing float in water or what about broken toothpick stars.

Find out how to represent the flow of energy with a simple food chain. Plus, grab our printable food chain worksheets!

Explore biomes of the world with this easy lapbook project.

Make a DIY planetarium and explore constellations found in the Milky Way galaxy.

How to make a paper helicopter for hands-on physics.

Can you make a paperclip float on water? Try this fun floating paperclip experiment!

Make a color wheel spinner for physics!

Explore centripetal force or how objects travel a circular path with this screaming balloon experiment.

Learn about the Earth’s atmosphere with these fun printable layers of the atmosphere worksheets.

Discover what important ingredient makes it possible for oil and vinegar to mix together.

Write a secret message with homemade invisible ink.

Explore how your lungs work with a lung model or your heart with this heart model.

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You will find a mixture of inexpensive technology-based STEM activities as well as some that use some of our favorite kits.

Code with LEGO for a neat introduction to coding and of course exploring tech with LEGO!

Explore the binary code and make a coding bracelet or coding ornaments.

Learn all about algorithms and create your own even without a screen!

Explore space with NASA. Feel like you are part of the Mission.

My son is fascinated with Mystery Doug and the quirky questions he answered on a range of STEM inspired topics.

Take some cool apps outside with outdoor tech and search the stars or go geocaching.

Check out how vegetables and fruits can generate electricity to power a clock.

Play with squishy circuits and play dough.

Send secret messages to a friend with Morse Code.

Learn all about stop motion animation and create your own movie.

Make a simple robot that really moves.


The design process is a huge part of engineering projects for kids. Make sure to note the science, tech, and math that go into these STEM activities too!

A DIY catapult is always a hit with the kiddos and we have several ways to make one! Build a Lego catapult, marshmallow catapult or even a pumpkin catapult.

Print out our LEGO Challenge Calendar to have on hand for quick engineering ideas.  

Design a LEGO Water Dam with basic LEGO bricks for an another easy STEM project.

Structures, structures, and more structures! Check out a variety of building activities for kids. Build with marshmallow and toothpicks, gumdrops, or even pool noodles.

Be an architect for the day with this unique STEM project for kids.

Design a marble run. We have used Lego, paper plates, cardboard tubes and pool noodles. But what about a box top with straws?

Classic engineering activity is, of course, the Egg Drop Challenge.

Build a DIY kite like we did here, or have fun making s’mores with your own homemade solar oven.

Build a landmark such as the Eiffel Tower and build it out of materials you have around.

Or build a bridge! Research whether you want to build a truss-style bridge or a cable stay bridge. Draw a design, gather materials, and get to work. Try a simple paper bridge challenge.

Design and build something that goes. Like a rubber band car, balloon car, wind-powered car, etc… Find a fun list of our favorite self propelled car projects here.

Build a marble roller coaster from recycled cardboard tubes.

Can you purify dirty water?  Learn about filtration and make your own water filter from a few simple supplies.

Find out how to make a windmill.

Why not engineer a wind tunnel or even make a hovercraft.

Build A Hovercraft

Make your own sundial and tell the time by the sun.

Explore different types of simple machines! How many are there? Build a PVC Pipe Pulley or a hand crank winch. Make a pulley system from a paper cup.

Make your own Archimedes Screw, a simple pump inspired by Archimedes himself.

Make a homemade compass that will tell you which way is north.

Learn about paddle boats when you make your own mini DIY paddle boat.

Try a STEM challenge that tests kids’ design skills… 


Use our LEGO math challenge cards to get even more hands-on learning involved!

Explore shapes by building paper sculptures (adds in some engineering too!)

Build 3D or 2D structures and shapes with items like toothpicks and marshmallows!

Have fun with a walking through paper STEM challenge.

Make your own geoboard to explore shapes and patterns.

Combine art and math with these easy tessellations for kids.

How about fractions with fruit including apples and oranges! Turn it into a fruit salad.

Pull out a recipe and get baking to explore more forms of measurement. Check out our favorite food activities for kids here.

Try out non-standard measurement around the classroom or house. Grab a container of paper clips as the non-standard unit of measure and challenge the kids to measure the room. You could also do a piece of paper, their shoe, or even the height of a chair by making a chain. See how we measured with candy hearts and seashells.

Take the 100 cup tower challenge for a fun combo of math and engineering! Or use a 100 of anything!

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Click on the image below or on the link to check out the best STEAM activities for kids. (Science + Art!) Think fizzy paint, tie dye coffee filters, salt painting and more!

Summer STEAM projects for kids that combine art and science