Make your own LEGO Star Wars builds! Star Wars has always been a huge movie series in our home, long before our son ever came into the picture. My husband, a super fan, introduced me to the movies when we first met. It’s no surprise that our son loves them too and its an awesome bonding time for son and dad. Add in LEGO bricks and you have another favorite past time of both my husband and son! Together they came up with these cool LEGO Star Wars building ideas using basic bricks!

LEGO Star Wars Building Ideas with Basic Breaks

LEGO Star Wars Building Ideas Death Star r2d2 Yoda with basic bricksPin


Here, we like to create LEGO projects using our basic bricks. Since we are just starting out in the world of LEGO, we don’t have a huge collection of specialty pieces especially ones in the right Star Wars colors! Also my son is still young and building with the basic bricks gives him the confidence to do much of this LEGO Star Wars building on his own. We spend lots of time learning about how the specialty pieces work in our free play too. You might also like our simple LEGO Minions.

Building LEGO Star Wars Yoda, R2D2, and a Death Star

Some of these basic LEGO bricks were actually my husband’s bricks when he was our son’s age. Please not they are a bit discolored and dirty, but they are just quite old! I did not do step by step instructions, but you can see from the pictures just how we built each of these LEGO Star Wars creations.

The nice part of our LEGO Star Wars projects is that you can improvise with the basic bricks you already have! You can even get creative an use specialty bricks if you have them. Multiple skill levels can enjoy building together!

When my husband and son build together, he tries to let my son do as much as the planning and building as possible. Sincere is so young, my husband will often get it started and our son will use principles of symmetry to help finish off rows. There are great lessons in math, sorting, colors, visual processing, engineering, and problem solving that accompany all LEGO building ideas.

Not all Star Wars characters can be made using basic bricks. Here’s a few we liked!

LEGO Star Wars R2D2

Everyone’s favorite droid made with basic bricks. We used a few thin plates or bricks as well.

LEGO r2d2 Star Wars LEGO Building IdeaPin

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Don’t forget the dark side. A LEGO Star Wars Death Star is a great basic bricks building idea.

LEGO Death Star Wars Basic Brick BuildingPin

LEGO Star Wars Yoda

The tricks of the LEGO Star Wars basic bricks idea, but my husband was determined!

LEGO Star Wars Yoda Basic Bricks Building IdeaPin

Our LEGO Star Wars building ideas made for a great afternoon of family fun! Why not pop in a Star Wars movie at the same time to research ideas for your own LEGO  projects! Who else can you make out of basic LEGO bricks?

 Fun LEGO Star Wars Building Ideas for Everyone! 

More basic brick builds and Star Wars ideas. Click photos.

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