Awesome, cool, pretty simple Star Wars science activities and STEM activities for the Star Wars enthusiast. Star wars is fun any time of the year but of course May the 4th be with you! There’s quite a few unique and creative Star Wars science ideas that your kids will enjoy {adults too} that use easy to find supplies. Make science and STEM a part of your journey.


Star Wars science activities and STEM ideas for kids May 4thPin

Check out all the links below to find cool Star Wars science and STEM activities you will have time for this year! You can play and learn with a Star Wars theme! You can even enjoy brilliantly done Star Wars food ideas! Don’t just watch your favorite Star Wars movies this 4th, try out a science experiment or two!

May 3rd Is National Space Day.

Make sure to add a few space-themed projects over the next few months!



Star Wars Glowing Slime

Light Saber Glowing Sensory Bottle

Basic Bricks LEGO Star Wars Building Ideas

Build The Death Star Play Dough Kit

Star Wars Science Activities and ExperimentsPin

Star Wars LEGO Science: Save Han Solo | Fun A Day

Build A Play Dough BB-8 | Left Brain Craft Brain

Craft Light Up Cards | Left Brain Craft Brain

Make Your Own Star Wars Landscapes | Planet Smarty Pants

Star Wars Science and STEM ideasPin

Melt The Death Star | Planet Smarty Pants

Star Wars Galaxy Oobleck | Nerdy Mamma

DIY Light Saber That Really Works | Lemon Lime Adventures

Explore Shadows with Star Wars Shadow Puppets | Childhood 101

Star Wars Science Activities for Kids STEMPin

I hope you found a few new Star Wars science activities to try out of this collection. They are all ideas we would enjoy or have enjoyed here already! I love to share ideas and activities that I would love to do with my son. May the 4th be with you every day.


Grab this free Star Wars mini project pack to get you started with Star Wars coloring page templates with art projects, I Spy, word search, and a DIY lightsaber tutorial!


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