This preschool flower science activity truly smells as wonderful as it looks. Invite your child to use his senses and explore flower science through water sensory play. Preschool Science and sensory play is an amazing combination of early learning play. All our science activities are meant for hands-on play!

Explore with Hands-On Preschool Flower Science

Flower Sensory Play Water Science

Nature Inspired Water Sensory Bin Play

 I love to watch the wonder of discovery I have seen over the last couple of years when we do a new experiment. We have more than 35 easy and fun preschool science experiments to explore! This flower sensory and science play came right out of our backyard.

Flower Sensory Water Bin Science Set Up

We cut a sprig of lilacs off our bush this morning and gathered our science tools. I used a shallow storage container for adding water to our flower sensory play. The scent was truly amazing. We are big fans of tactile sensory play here. Please read more about the benefits of sensory play and how to get started with sensory bins!

We always keep tweezers, a magnifying glass, and scissors available!

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Flower Sensory Science Scissor Practice with Leaves

How can you explore this flower sensory science play? 

Snip the leaves off the stem. Examine the leaves. Place them in the water. Do they float?

Flower Play Cutting Leaves with Scissors

Remove the flowers with tweezers or your fingers!

Look at the flowers under the magnifying glass. Practice using tweezers for fine motor skills! Investigate the petals and stems. Talk about the colors! Talk about how the tiny flowers feel. Check out how many little flowers make up the one big flower. Estimate how many there are!

Flower Science Exploring Lilacs Tweezers Fine Motor Skills with Flowers

Flower sensory play is all about swishing and swirling the flowers and leaves! The magnifying glass is always a favorite choice. 

Flower Sensory Science Magnifying Flowers Lilac Activity

Water adds a fun sensory play element for extended play to this flower sensory activity. Add scoops or a bucket for collecting the leaves and flowers. Do the leaves and flowers look different wet?

Flower Sensory Play Water Play Using Strainer

Well, my son is 5. Beautiful flower sensory play won’t last too long before he needs to add some superheroes to it. He wanted to make boats, so I gave him tin foil. Yet another great sensory, science, and learning experience with a simple flower sensory bin.

Color Changing Flower Science Experiment for Kids Spring STEM

What flowers do you have to make a flower sensory science activity?

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Looking for easy science process information and free journal pages? 

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