A simple spring activity, make playdough flowers with our free printable flower playdough mat. Choose one of our easy playdough recipes and playdough mat to create the different parts of growing a flower. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, and counting while learning how plants grow.



Learning about nature is important, but so is play! We have you covered with our playful spring activities. Get kids to create fun playdough flowers, playdough sun, and drops of water. Improve fine motor skills with a fun spring theme.

If you’ve wanted an easy playful learning activity to share with your kiddos, you will love this spring flower activity. All you need to do is download our free printable playdough mat below, make up a batch of homemade playdough (or use store-bought), and get started!

Have you wanted to start an easy flower garden with your kiddos? Here are some great plants to start with! Learn about easy flowers to grow! Or try growing a grass head and give him a haircut!

What Does a Plant Need to Grow?

This play dough mat is a terrific opportunity to add a little spring science! What does a plant or flower need to grow? Make sure to ask this question as you play with the play dough!

  • A plant or flower needs soil and space for its roots to grow!
  • A plant or flower needs sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make food!

Make Pink Playdough

Or yellow playdough or purple playdough… What color will you make your playdough flowers? 

Check out our popular no cook playdough recipe to whip up your own batch of homemade playdough. 

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Free Playdough Flowers Printable Mat

Download and print the flower playdough mat below. For durability and ease of use, make sure to laminate the mat before use or place it in a sheet protector.

Click below to get your printable flower playdough mat.

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