What’s nicer than a fresh bouquet of flowers? How about a homemade bouquet of flowers made with STEAM (Science + Art)! Easy coffee filter flowers are the perfect craft for spring, or any time of the year. Find out how to make flowers out of coffee filters. Fun STEAM activities are always engaging for junior scientists of all ages!

Enjoy Flowers For Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year for art and craft activities! There are so many fun themes to explore. For this time of the year, our favorite topics to teach kids about spring include weather and rainbows, geology, Earth Day and of course plants!

Get ready to add this flower craft, to your lesson plans this season. How do you make easy coffee filter flowers? Let me show you! In fact, this has to be our favorite craft to make with coffee filters.

Simple enough to do with your preschoolers, and kindergarten students, as well as older kids. All you need is a handful of bright markers and pipe cleaners to finish off a pretty bouquet to give away!

Our craft activities are designed with you, the parent or teacher, in mind!  Easy to set up, quick to do, most activities will take only 15 to 30 minutes to complete and are heaps of fun!  Plus, our supplies lists usually contain only free or cheap materials you can source from home!

And if you are looking to add a little STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and art) to your lessons, then this is the activity you need to try. Even my “not interested in crafts” kiddo loves it! While you’re at it, make sure to check out these other fun flower art and crafts.

Mother’s Day!  Birthdays!  Weddings! Teacher gifts!  Spring crafts!

Learn About Solubility With Coffee Filters

Make a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with coffee filters, and markers. No coloring in skills needed because simply add water to the coffee filter, and the colors beautifully blend together.

Why do the colors on your coffee filter flower blend together? It’s all to do with solubility! If something is soluble that means it will dissolve in that liquid (or solvent). The ink used in these washable markers dissolves in what? The water of course!

With our DIY coffee filter flowers, the water (solvent) is meant to dissolve the marker ink (solute). For this to happen, the molecules in both the water and the ink must be attracted to each other. When you added drops of water to the designs on the paper, the ink should spread out and run through the paper with the water.

Note: Permanent markers do not dissolve in water but in alcohol. You can see this in action here with our tie-dye Valentine cards.

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How To Make Coffee Filter Flowers

Also check out another easy way to make coffee filter flowers!


  • Coffee Filters
  • Washable Markers
  • Gallon Size Zipper Bag OR Metal Baking Sheet Pan
  • Scissors
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Pipe Cleaners


STEP 1. Flatten round coffee filters, and draw colors in circles, patterns, or even scribbles! Make a rainbow on one with all the colors or stick with just complimentary colors!

Check out our rainbow coloring page to learn about the colors of the rainbow!

STEP 2. Place the colored coffee filters on a gallon size zipper bag or metal baking sheet pan and then mist with a water spray bottle.

Watch the magic as the colors blend and swirl!  Set aside to dry.

STEP 3. The last step in your coffee filter flower bouquet is a stem!

  • Once they are dry, fold them back up and round the corners if desired.
  • Pull the center together just a touch and tape with clear tape to make a flower.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the tape and leave the remaining pipe cleaner for a stem.

Why not use any leftover pipe cleaners to make these easy crystal flowers!

Fun Flower Crafts To Explore

When you finish making this coffee filter craft, why not try one of these ideas below. You can find all our flower crafts here and plant activities for preschoolers!

Cupcake liner flowers are great to make as a homemade gift for Mother’s Day.

Color in this cute flower printable with nothing but dots.

Paint these fun bright flowers with their own homemade stamps.

How about a homemade handprint flowers bouquet!

Use art and craft supplies you have on hand to make the parts of a plant.

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