Ring in the new year with confetti science play! Kids can enjoy New Year’s Eve too even if they don’t get to stay up till midnight. I know my son won’t be doing that this year. Have an early celebration filled with confetti fun. Try confetti science eruptions, glittering slime, and party poppers to really get in the spirit. We also have more confetti New Year’s Eve activities for kids to check out. Let the kids make a little mess for a special occasion with easy confetti activities! Nothing says New Year’s Eve like tons of flying confetti!

Confetti Science Eruptions: New Years Eve Activity

Confetti Science Eruptions New Years Eve Activity for Kids


Baking soda science really is a blast for kids to try. If you haven’t yet, it really is a must try classic science activity. The adults love it too. The WOW factor is never ending in my book, and it’s easy to do too. I like to call baking soda activities, kitchen science because you have what you need in the kitchen! Our confetti science experiment for New Year’s Eve fun is cool kitchen science.

Supplies for New Years Eve Science Activity with Confetti

Supplies we used for confetti science eruptions:

Baking Soda




Plastic Party Glasses 

Turkey Baster or Eyedroppers

Whip up a simple baking soda dough for this confetti science experiment. Mix 2 cups of baking soda with a good handful of confetti, sequins, or glitter! I slowly add in water to form a crumbly but somewhat packable dough similar to our glitter eruptions here.

Set up your plastic party glasses in some sort of shallow tray or bowl like we have done below. This catches all of that wonderful confetti science eruption without a huge mess everywhere. Scoop a 1/4-1/3 cup of your mixture into the party glass. Pour a bowl of vinegar and set out with a baster or eyedropper. Your confetti science experiment is all ready for your little scientists to explore.

Making baking soda eruptions with confetti

A turkey baster delivers a good shot of vinegar to really get the bubbling and fizzing chemical reaction going. You are sure to make the party cup overflow which is my son’s primary goal. The confetti pops up and out and looks like a mini celebration in your glass.

Baking Soda Confetti Science Eruptions are quick and easy!

Confetti Eruptions Science Activity

Fine motor play, science exploration, and holiday celebration in one super cool baking soda science activity. Everyone loves confetti!

New Years Confetti Science Activity

The chemical reaction between the acid in the vinegar and the base of the baking soda creates carbon dioxide which in turn produces the awesome bubble and fizz you can see, hear, and feel. Put your hand over the bubbles, can you feel the fizz?

New Years Eve Science Baking Soda Eruptions

Play, mix, stir, and explore the confetti science activity in any way you like. I like to allow my son to play and experiment with out direction. He will often extend an activity with his own play ideas. He noticed the baking soda mixture filled the hollow stem of the glass. He poured out the liquid to try and erupt what was leftover in the stem of the glass.

New Years Eve Activity

If you have some extra glasses, why not pour some sparkling apple cider from one of those fun champagne bottles. Check out the carbon dioxide and taste science too! Science is everywhere and you can adapt many simple kid’s science experiments for the holiday and seasons. Confetti science is perfect for celebrating New Years!

New Years Eve Science Activity Baking Soda Confetti Eruptions

I think all your party guests, young and old, will get a real kick out of this simple confetti science eruption activity. You would be surprised how much kids of all ages get into this science experiment.

Cool Confetti Science for New Year’s Eve Fun!

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