If you are rocking the pajamas on New Year’s Eve, then we have the best New Years’ Eve activities and New Years’ Eve games for you this year! Wondering how to make New Years’ Eve fun for kids? Check out these New Years’ Eve ideas you can do at home, and make it a great experience the kids will never forget {or will ask for year after year}! Our passion is fun and easy holiday activities to make the year a little bit more special.

New Years Countdown With Kids

Midnight might be too late for younger kids to stay up to! We do an early New Year’s countdown in our home and keep bedtime pretty consistent with our kiddo, but we make the most of our early evening with quite a mess!

So if you find yourself stuck for ideas for what to do to keep the kids occupied until the magical countdown this New Year’s Eve, you have come to the right place! Check out our simple and fun New Years’ games and activity suggestions below.

This year, we have a fun New Years’ slime recipe with a slime video. Kids will love this, and it makes a great anytime winter activity as well!

Grab Your Free Printable New Year’s Activity Pack!

Start with a few fun printable New Year’s Eve games and activities for quick go-to activities.

Printable New Year Project Pack

What’s Included: All Instructions and templates for a fantastic New Years Eve!

  • New Year Fizzy Science
  • New Year STEM Challenge
  • New Year 3D Ball Art Project
  • New Year DIY Poppers
  • Pop-Up Ball Card
  • Handprint Art Project
  • Year in Review
  • Dice Game
  • Bingo, Coloring Pages, Bookmarks, and More!

New Years Activities For Kids

There are tons of fun ways to celebrate bringing in the New Year with kids that can be simple and budget-friendly! We also have a variety of printables, such as activity sheets, coloring pages, and crafts for you to use! There are heaps of fun things to do for a kid friendly New Years Eve party.

New Years Eve STEM Activities

Over 12 open-ended STEM activities for kids with a fun New Years’ theme. Test those design and problem-solving skills with simple and easy New Years’ science activities and engineering challenges. 

New Years Science & STEM

New Years Wishing Craft

This sweet and colorful New Years craft is a fun thing to do for New Year with your kids!

New Years Craft

Watch The Ball Drop In NYC

This makes for a fun New Years’ Eve activity for kindergarten. If you have kids that still go to bed on the early side but want to watch the ball drop, check out YouTube for last year’s big night. We have a blast watching it, even if it is from the year prior.

Make Your Own Ball Drop

Have your kids’ New Year’s Eve countdown at home with this simple New Year’s Ball drop craft! Kids will love making this festive New Year’s Eve craft to enjoy the night regardless of whether you make it to midnight. Try this fun ball drop craft.

Make New Years Glitter Slime

Gorgeous glittering slime, just like the sparkling New Year’s Eve Ball! Make a very simple New Year’s Slime with our super easy homemade slime recipe!

New Years Eve Slime

Make Fireworks in a Jar

Break out the simple science and create a no-noise firework display with the kiddos with this super simple oil and water experiment you can do with food coloring. Or you can make fireworks in milk with a great magic milk experiment!

Fireworks Painting

Create your own stamped fireworks painting using a toilet roll, and plenty of glitter. A fun New Years craft for younger kiddos.

New Years Handprint Craft

This is a fun and easy New Years’ craft idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day!

New Year Handprint Craft

Happy New Year Pop Up Card

Older kids will enjoy working on this free printable New Year pop-up card.

Happy New Year Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages will love these fun New Years’ coloring sheets featuring cute gnomes, fireworks, a Happy New Year banners, and more! Add these printable coloring sheets to a basket with crayons and colored pencils, and voila, you have a simple New Years’ activity ready to go!

New Year Coloring Pages

Make a Countdown Goodie Bag

Grab plain treat bags and write the time on them. {Depending on when you start, each hour will be how many you make}, have a fun treat inside the bag. Ideas include glow sticks, balloons, silly string, confetti wands, party poppers, noisemakers, pop rocks, or rock candy crystal sticks.

Celebrate with a Bubbly Drink

Grab a bottle of bubbling cider and fun fancy plastic champagne glasses. Make a toast to the New Year when you finish your countdown and wild celebration! {Whatever time you choose!}

Enjoy a Sweet Treat

I love party hat treats made out of sugar cones! We have made them into Christmas trees, but this is perfect for a New Year’s Eve treat! Add ice cream for a fabulous dessert! Check out these awesome ideas for sweet New Year’s Eve treats!

Make Party Hats or Crowns

Grab some silver or gold party hats or crowns, glitter glue pens, glitter, sequins, and anything you can think of to make a fun New Years’ Eve party hat for the big countdown! I always have a few items from the dollar store ready to go!

Provide Photo Props Too!

Have a table set up with fun dress-ups, hats, and fancy wigs for taking funny snaps with family and friends.

New Years Games For Kids

Every kid’s New Year’s Eve party needs games! We love these family minute-to-win-it games.  Crush the Cups looks like a blast too!

Not sure what else to do for New Years’ games? A big bag of party cups makes for a great cup-stacking game! Who can make the tallest tower?

Flip the cups over and grab a bag of ping pong balls. Who can get the most ping pong balls into cups? So many easy and fun party game ideas! 

Or set up a noise-making scavenger hunt and have the kids find all their noise-making party supplies. Perfect either inside or outside, depending on the weather.

What about enjoying a New Year’s Eve bingo game? Grab our printable New Years’ theme bingo cards, which are great for younger kids, and older ones too! Or you could even try a printable New Years’ I Spy Game.

Try this simple New Years Candy Dice game with a bag of small candies! It’s perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy. Plus, it’s a bit of sneaky math you can add in for younger kids!

Have Fun With Confetti

Although it can be a bit messy, confetti is always a hit. Why not make your confetti party poppers to ring in the New Year or some sparkly confetti slime? Or even make confetti eruptions. You can always purchase environmentally friendly confetti or make your own with a hole punch (if you have the time/patience!)

Free printable kid friendly New Years Eve party plan below!

More Fun Things To Do With Kids

Don’t stop the hands-on fun at New Years, our kids activities continue the fun all year long!



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