Our top picks for favorite kids games to play at home! We have played or used all of these games! We love them and hope you will too. Our son is now 5 and enjoys family board game time, but he is also able to sit and play some single player games on his own {which is wonderful}! Here’s a mix of our favorite games for kids age 5 to 7. I have included both multi player and single player ideas in our best games list. Looking for ideas for the 3+ age range so everyone can play together, we have our favorite board games for the younger crowd too!

Favorite Games For Kids

Favorite Games For Kids Age 5+ Multi and single player options

10 Favorite Kids Games for Ages 5+

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Make Our Favorite Board Games Yours!

Hoot Owl Hoot

This is an awesome cooperative game! We have played these simple to learn cooperative games for a few years now and this one is easy fun!


This game was a birthday present that is filled with fast action fun but is simple to learn. You have to be quick if you want to get the tile! Helps with word recognition too! There are several Zingo games to choose from as well.


This is a great eye spy kind of game, but it is also cooperative so everyone works together! It’s quite a good challenge to find all the objects. 

Race Through Space

This one was another birthday present. It has a continually changing game board but pretty simple rules. It’s a nice introduction to strategy games!

Rush Hour Jr.

Our son enjoys sitting with this game and simply creating the patterns from the cards. It was a gift.  At the time we thought it was a little old for him, but he actually surprised us by being able to solve the puzzles! Great single play game option

Rangerland Jr.

This is a game we picked up on vacation in Shenendoah National Park! It is candy land like but with great facts about National Parks. You actually win by collecting cards as opposed to finishing first. Would be fun for an older child to read to a younger child.

Math Dice

Dice are always just fun to have and we make up our own games too!

Make ‘N’ Break

This is a great building game that can also be used as a single player game too and for multiple ages! We enjoy just building the patterns on the cards!

Hide and Seek Pirates

This kids game is somewhat like Rush Hour Jr. but different in that you are placing the puzzle pieces to uncover the objects rather than trying to get something out! Another single player idea!


Mazes are always fun and a great single player game! We love Kumon books. They have a variety of maze books for several different age groups!

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This list of our favorite games have been perfect for our family. I hope some of them will become your favorite games too! 



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