Get ready to explore the forest or the jungle with an animal bingo game. I have three printable bingo cards for kids who love to play games, which are free! If you’ve been feeling like you need different game ideas that you can use with different ages, these are it. Plus, I have paired the themes with hands-on learning activities to make a day of educational fun. We have loads of fun activities for kids to try, including bingo!

Fun and Free Printable Bingo Games for Kids

Benefits of Playing Bingo Games with Young Kids

Bingo is so much more than just a fun game to pass the time. In fact, Playing bingo games can offer numerous benefits for young kids, making it both fun and educational. Bingo games are a great way to promote literacy, memory, and connection! bingo promotes social interaction, as kids can play with their friends or family members both at home and in the classroom.

In addition, bingo games like these can enhance cognitive skills, such as memory and concentration! Kids need to pay attention to what is called and mark them on their cards. This improves their ability to focus and remember what they hear! These printable bingo cards add a touch of science for the younger kiddos as they explore different biomes, animals, and pollinators.

Grab a Friend and Play Animal Bingo

The rain got you stuck inside? Or do you need a new game?

Add bingo games to the lesson plans to get kids excited about learning, and because they are picture based, even the littles can join the fun! You might even get to drink your coffee while it’s hot!

Need even more indoor activities for the kiddos? We have a great list that ranges from simple science activities to LEGO challenges to sensory play recipes. Plus, they all use standard household supplies, making your setup even more effortless and your wallet even happier!

Extend the Learning

Here are several fun activities to go along with the themes of these printable bingo cards! Plus, find more animal theme activities below including color by number, animal habitats, animal cells, and more for all ages.

Why not make some birdseed ornaments to hang outside while you’re at it after the forest bingo game?

Build a bee hotel after the pollinator game! We also have a fun bee craft and a bee lap book for a whole bee-themed unit!

Bee Habitat

Try this tiger-themed, jungle-inspired art project after you enjoy jungle bingo!

Make it a Bingo Day!


  • Printable animal bingo (laminate or place the bingo cards in page protectors for extended use)
  • Bingo calling cards (cut and laminate for extended use)
  • Tokens to mark off squares (pennies work well)

Mark the free space to get started and let’s have some bingo fun. Kids will love the fun pictures of all the different animals and insects.

Try These Animal Activities

LEARNING IDEA: Add some nature theme books to extend the learning or do a safe internet search to look at each one in real life and in their real habitat. Pick a favorite animal to learn more! Here’s an internet site we like to use to explore animals.

FREE printable animal bingo games!

More Fun Printable Bingo Games

Printable Animal & Bugs Activity Pack

Explore three groups of animals/insects, including forest animals, jungle animals, and pollinators. The additional pack includes fun bug games, a thumbprint bug drawing guide, and bug pattern block cards. Young kids will love exploring these animals and insects with one easy-to-use Animal and Bug Activity Pack.