Cloud Dough Sensory Play

Flour & Oil Sensory Processing Play

cloud dough sensory play activity

February is all about Cloud Dough! 

I signed on to the 12 months of sensory dough play as a sort of therapy for my son who has a sensory processing disorder diagnosis. He can’t stand for his hands to be messy and often needs to wash them right away if something gets on his hands or spills on his hands. As you can imagine, mud, shaving cream, lotion, finger paint, slime, even bubbles that are too dry and the like are not that appealing to him! I love the idea of messy play experiences and want to introduce him to different types to broaden his experiences and become more comfortable with this type of play. This month we are mixing flour and oil for our sensory play! We have actually done it before, and it was better received than our attempt at foam dough. Check out our flour and oil pretend pie making sensory play!

Cloud Dough Sensory Play Set Up

As I mentioned, cloud dough sensory play is simply flour and oil. Traditionally people use baby oil but we have used cooking oil in the past. This time I used olive oil and buckwheat flour. I simply wanted to use up what we had extra of in the pantry. I have even used gluten free flour too! I  don’t remember where I read the recipe but it was about 5 cups of flour and a cup of oil to which I use a bit less. I decided to contain the mess in a bin within a bin! I also got out some cups, bowls, ice cream scoops and ice cube trays to see what he would want to use.

cloud dough set up

Cloud Dough Sensory Play Mixing

He helped to measure and pour the ingredients but did not want to mix it! I remember last month with foam dough that although he was willing to mix it, the messiness ended our play earlier than I had hoped. I dutifully mixed our flour and oil cloud dough! No pictures of this, sorry!

cloud dough adding ingredients

Cloud Dough Sensory Play

Now here’s where the cloud dough sensory play begins! He did engage in it far more than I thought, but it wasn’t very long before he needed to wash his hands. He did pack it around in the containers and do some dump and fill work with it. I molded some hearts in the ice cube tray. The one thing about these dough sensory play ideas, they are not camera friendly if my hands are in the mess too!

cloud dough sensory play

Cloud Dough Sensory Play Conclusion

The actually sensory play piece of our experiment with cloud dough this month was much more positive since I didn’t have him mix it first. Since we had played with it before, I was curious to see if he would have the same reaction. It did not bother his hands as intensly as the foam dough, but he also did not engage with it for a very long time. I am not sure if it was the sensory play material or the fact that it was an open ended activity which he is not very good at staying with for a while. He is a much more structured kiddo. Hindsight, I should have considered trucks in the bin, but it is hard to think of everything. He would not naturally think to go get trucks unless I suggested next. Maybe that will be our idea for next month!

my heart is full with sensory play


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  1. My son is the same way Sarah. I was pleasantly surprised at how he loved snow dough which is very similar. Goo too he loves, but he’s getting better as I challenge him. Sounds like they have lots of similarities. 🙂 The hearts are super cute. Thanks for sharing. Pinned to my sensory board.

  2. This looks fun! Does the cloud dough spoil? Can you make this in advance or does it need to be used immediately?


  3. It was fun. We kept it around for about a week and it was fine. I did not cover it! Not sure how long you need it to last for but a week was good for us!

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