These easy cloud dough recipes for hands-on sensory play will delight any child! There are two simple ways to make cloud dough or as it’s also called, moon sand. Cloud dough is one of our favorite sensory recipes and these simple cloud dough variations below add a fun twist with different scents! 

Cloud Dough Activities Quick Sensory Play Ideas


Cloud dough is a simple recipe of two ingredients, flour and oil. The combination creates a silky mixture that can be packed and molded but is still crumbly. It is light and airy and doesn’t leave a sticky mess on the hands. Bonus, it sweeps up easily too.

There are two simple ways to make cloud dough. One is completely taste safe {vegetable oil} and the other is the original {baby oil}. Both use only two ingredients and can be made in two minutes. All you need is flour and oil.  For the full cloud dough recipes and more fun variations read on…


Cloud Dough {original recipe} 

This has to be our all time favorite recipe! Whether you make it with vegetable oil or baby oil, you must try this amazing sensory play recipe.

Cloud Dough 2 Ingredient Sensory Play

Apple Pie Cloud Dough 

Whip up a pretend pie! This is a perfect cloud dough activity for the baking season! Set your children up with their own pie making cloud dough station. You get to bake, and they get to play!

Apple Pie Making Cloud Dough Sensory play

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough

Perfect for winter sensory play. Take your basic cloud dough and add some cocoa powder! We had some extra marshmallows too! My son loved serving up hot chocolate to everyone and didn’t even charge us!

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough With Marshmallows

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough

Smells like cookies! We used our taste safe recipe to make this awesome smelling cookie cloud dough recipe. We added a common scent and some sprinkles!

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Sensory Play

Scented Cloud Dough

Adding extracts and natural flavorings to your cloud dough is so much fun. There are so many ways to scent dough from fragrant kitchen spices to beautiful essential oils. What will you try? Make a sniffing contest out of your cloud dough.

Exploring scented cloud dough

Buckwheat Cloud Dough

You can use whatever flour you have on hand for making cloud dough. You will simply get a different color and slightly different texture. I had an enormous amount of buckwheat flour a relative left with us, gave it a try and it turned out great!

cloud dough hearts

Fizzing Cloud Dough

We love bubbling and fizzing science experiments so we added a couple extra ingredients to our cloud dough after we enjoyed it for the week. Simple, hands-on science is terrific for young children!

cloud dough bubbling science sensory play

Pumpkin Cloud Dough

For fall, I added a fun ingredient to our cloud dough. Our basic cloud dough recipe is so easy to change with the seasons or for your favorite themes!

Pumpkin Homemade Cloud Dough Sensory Play P is For Pumpkin

Messy Play Experiment 

We tried a little experiment with different messy play sensory materials from around the house to see what we liked best! Cloud dough was our favorite, but check them all out! We had some fun times with the sensory play activities.

5 farm messy sensory play ideas

Fourth of July Cloud Dough

This is a simple sensory bin we made this summer. When you are finished playing just wash it away!

Red White Blue Summer Sensory Sink Cloud Dough SandOcean Cloud Dough

Making Moon Craters 

These cloud dough recipes are so quick and easy to throw together and last for quite a while. I store our cloud dough in a container with a lid for a week or so. Why not switch up your cloud dough recipe for seasons and holidays with different scents like lemon, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla!


Click on the image below or on the link for our complete list of sensory play ideas for kids!

sensory play ideas for kids

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