Wondering what to do for Grinch Day or Grinchmas? There are so many helpful lessons that can be learnt from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Plus, its loads of fun for kids to dress up for Grinch Day, or celebrate Grinchmas starting December 1st, with fun and easy Grinch activities for kids. This holiday season, get hands-on with science, STEM, math, and sensory play!

What Is Grinch Day?

Yes, Grinch Day is actually a thing! It is typically celebrated in schools and among young children as a fun and memorable event, around the holiday season, close to Christmas.

On Grinch Day, students and teachers get to read the Dr. Seuss book, and watch the animated or live-action movie adaptations of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and engage in Grinch-themed activities and crafts.

The Grinch is actually a grumpy character who initially despises Christmas but eventually learns the true meaning of the holiday.

The idea is to focus on the story’s themes of kindness, generosity, and the true meaning of Christmas while having fun with the Grinch’s character.

Both Grinch Day and Grinchmas serve as a way to celebrate the holiday season and incorporate the timeless and heartwarming message of Dr. Seuss’s story into the festivities. It is a great way to emphasize the importance of kindness, togetherness, and the idea that the holiday season is more than material gifts.

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When Is Grinch Day?

Grinch Day is not tied to a specific date in December and can vary depending on how it is celebrated. Teachers may pick a date that fits their curriculum or holiday schedule, and it’s often celebrated in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Read on for fun Grinch Day ideas, including free printable games and activities, you will want to use for your next Grinch Day event!

Fun Grinch Day Ideas

Here are some tips to make your Grinch Day event awesome:


Transform your space into Whoville with colorful, whimsical decorations, including Who-ville signs, Grinch and Max cutouts, and plenty of red and white stripes. Don’t forget the Grinch himself! Set up a life-sized Grinch cutout or get someone to play the role.

Dress Up

Encourage kids to dress up as Whos from Whoville, the Grinch, or Max the dog. Host a costume contest with fun prizes for the best outfits.

Grinch Theme Food and Drinks

Serve Grinch-inspired snacks and drinks, such as green punch or lemon-lime soda with a scoop of green sherbet. Create a Grinch cake or cupcakes with green frosting and heart-shaped sprinkles.

Take Pics

Arrange a photo booth with Grinch-themed props and backdrops for kids to take memorable pictures.

Storytelling Time

Have someone read Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” aloud to the kids. Consider inviting a local author or storyteller to make it extra special.

Grinchy Games

Host Grinch-themed games like “Pin the Heart on the Grinch,” “Grinch Bingo,” or a “Who-ville Relay Race.”

Promote Kindness & Generosity

Use the event as an opportunity to promote a charitable cause. Encourage families to bring non-perishable food items, toys, or clothing to donate to those in need.

Create an awesome and memorable Grinch Day or Grinch-mas that brings joy to everyone involved!

More Easy Grinch Activities

Play With Grinch Slime

#1 Reader Favorite: Make Grinch Slime!

Grinch Slime

Make Grinch Glitter Jars

Make these Grinch glitter jars that kids can take home with them!

Christmas Glitter Jars

Grinch Theme STEM Activities

Easy Grinch theme science and engineering activities using simple supplies. Download these Free printable Grinch STEM Cards to get started.

Grinch Balloon Experiment

Set up this balloon heart experiment. Substitute green balloons if you have them!

Grinch Building Challenge

Build with gum drops with these candy and toothpicks building cards. Make a chimney for the Grinch (or Santa)

Magic Milk Experiment

Take the classic magic milk experiment and add a Grinch-y theme similar to this setup with a heart cookie cutter in the middle. Use red and green food coloring!

Grinch Skittles Experiment

Even the classic Skittles experiment gets a Grinch makeover! Use green Skittles around the outside and a red heart with red Skittles in the middle.

Grinch Math Games

Christmas math puzzle with the Grinch!Grab the FREE instant Download here.

Grinch Paper Craft

Download this fantastic Grinch template and create fun theme paper crafts! Instant Download ⭐️

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