Candy for Christmas, I bet you have plenty! I love to build with candy, and gumdrops are perfect for candy engineering projects like this Santa’s Chimney STEM Challenge. Make sure to check out our 25 Days of Christmas STEM Challenges with free printable!


Christmas Candy STEM Challenge Gumdrop Structures for SantaPin


Soft candy and toothpicks are a winning combination for building structures for STEM. Depending on the season or the desired outcome, there are so many variations to try. If you don’t want to use candy, consider straws and play dough or even apple chunks!

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I also love to come up with a simple Advent Calendar or Countdown Christmas Calendar each year. We have an awesome 25 Days of Christmas Science Countdown. This Christmas candy STEM challenge to build Santa a chimney is one of them!

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  • Toothpicks
  • Gumdrops
  • Small House {we used a dollar store gingerbread house-themed box, but you could also make your own with a milk carton!}

Or you can try these free Christmas papercraft activities first! Use the candy and toothpicks to build similar models.


Although this Candy STEM challenge has a specific task, it is still open to interpretation. Your kids can design Santa whatever chimney they like! Any size, shape, color, design, you name it. They can even build a house out of gumdrops too.

He also built trees around the house, another excellent way to work on three-dimensional design and shapes. White gumdrops are perfect for building enormous snowflakes. Candy is great for science experiments, too!

He also wanted to see if he could build a gumdrop tree taller than the house, so he set his own challenge! I love that he can challenge himself with his own ideas. It was definitely a great challenge for figuring out how to make a very tall but stable tree with the supplies we had.

Building structures is a simple to set up STEM activities for kids to enjoy anytime. A great boredom buster, a screen-free idea, or a stuck-inside project that can really make an afternoon fly by any time of the year.

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Easy setup. Awesome fun. hands-on learning. And all of this was accomplished with leftover Christmas cards. Need more fantastic Christmas STEM activities to keep you busy this season? We never have a shortage!

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