As the countdown to Christmas grows shorter, take away some stress and busyness with our easy Christmas games for preschoolers and beyond for ages 5-12! These easy-to-print activities and projects are sure to please. Below you will find simple Christmas activities the kids will enjoy, and hopefully give you a chance to grab that cup of coffee or hot cocoa and sit for a minute or two. After all, we don’t want to spend the whole holiday season rushing, do we?



When I need a fun game, I want something I can use immediately or at least after my next trip to the grocery store. With that in mind, I put together this fantastic Christmas Games & Activities Fun Pack. It is precisely what you need to offer a fun treat without all the prep work or clean-up time.

Need a few minutes to wrap presents without interruption, set up one of these Christmas games, and get your prep work done for the big day? Get out your Santa hat, and let’s have some festive fun.

This pack is perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grade! You can use this in the classroom, with library groups or clubs, and of course, at home. Kids of different ages can work together. You’ll find a variety of logic puzzles, paper crafts, and games!

pictures of specific Christmas games included in the pack. Includes mazes, coloring pages, tetris, I spy and more.

Read more about the Christmas Fun Pack below:

Kids of all ages will love the various activities included in the Christmas games pack! Quick Christmas printables make it easy for you to set something out in no time. Planning a Christmas party? Your holiday planning just got a whole lot easier!

  • 50+ pages of super fun Christmas theme games perfect for kids of multiple ages to enjoy together! There is an amazing variety of games and activities that will truly keep everyone busy and happy!
  • 12 + Christmas activities that require little to no prep for hours of holiday enjoyment. Includes making your own 3D Christmas cards, coloring and assembling paper chains, rolling and building a snowman, creating a Christmas pop-up book, solving puzzles with codes, ask and answer would you rather cards, and much more!
  • 10 + easy-to-print Christmas games such as Christmas bingo with 12 bingo cards, a variety of I-Spy sheets, ornament scavenger hunt, present battleship game, printable board game, and more!
  • Simple Christmas fun and laughs for parties, groups, or home use! Perfect for traveling, quiet time, and even a bit of hands-on learning! Don’t forget to print out the Christmas Jokes for Kids too!
  • 10 Reindeer and Santa coloring pages with fun, whimsical designs.
  • Plus, some basic Christmas math activities that include color by number

What’s even better? This pack of Christmas printables is constantly growing! You’ll be emailed with updated links whenever I add something new. TIP: Go ahead and print off a few activities to tuck into gifts as well.


This is one pack you won’t want to miss out on this holiday season. The kiddos will thank you! Print the pages and a few minimal supplies to get started. This is a no-fuss pack of Christmas theme activities perfect for this busy time. Click here or the image below!


Here’s a fun sample of what’s inside the Christmas Theme Fun Pack this year, a FREE Christmas Bingo Cards Game! I’ve even made additional boards to add to this exclusive pack for your Christmas gatherings and parties. It makes a perfect Christmas party game that kiddos love! Grab your free printables, print, and go!

Helpful hints include sticking bingo cards into page protectors for long-lasting use. Add them to a binder and save them for next year. More fun things for bingo markers always include wrapped chocolate kisses, chocolate coins, or mini erasers!

Click here or on the image to grab your FREE printables Christmas Bingo Game!


Whether you need party games, quiet evening activity, or a screen-free weekend activity, with these free printables, you can get started with these right now. Don’t forget classroom parties too. The kiddos will have a blast!

  • Christmas I-Spy (Smart Device Option): All you need is a smartphone or tablet and your decorations or the decorations at a party.
  • Christmas Tree I Spy Printable game
  • Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt: This is so simple and fun for the kids, and we held one this weekend (indoors as it was rainy). We made it a cooperative effort, no candy cane left behind. I even had a special surprise once all were found, that I hid for them to find!
  • Gingerbread Man I-Spy and other fun scented ideas
  • Race to build a 100 Cup Christmas Tree Tower Challenge/Game
  • Candy Cane Tic Tac Toe: Use four candy canes to create a grid, and red and green M&Ms or pompoms as playing pieces!
  • DIY Christmas Puzzles: Turn old or extra Christmas cards into puzzles by cutting them into pieces. Make each puzzle as challenging or easy as you need!
  • Set up a Candy Cane Hunt, so easy! Kiddos can even get a different flavor candy cane to collect. Last year, we hid 20 candy canes around the house and it was a hit. Take it outside too!



Grab the instant download by clicking on the image below!

Day 1 of Fun!

Day 2 Fun

You can grab the instant download here. Check out the full post here if you want to read about thaumatropes.

Christmas Thaumatropes

Day 3 Fun

Decorate ornaments! Click here or on the image below for today’s instant download.

Day 4 Christmas Fun

Time to go on a scavenger hunt! You can use this with your Christmas tree or at a party. Or you can try it in the car. When it comes to Christmas pudding, that might be fun to look up! Of course, you can always take a pudding cup and write Christmas pudding on it in a pinch! Download here or on the image below.

Day 5 Fun

Today is all about Rudolph! Click on the images below to download the activities! If you still have a little bit of extra time and supplies… Make this simple Reindeer Ornament Craft !

Day 6 A Christmas Wish

Click here to download or on the image below and leave your Christmas wish for Santa tonight.