Your kids love playing with slime but you want a slime recipe that doesn’t use any of the common slime activators like borax powder, liquid starch, or saline solution. I totally get it, and that’s why I want to show you how to make borax free slime with just two simple ingredients, cornstarch and glue. This cornstarch slime makes a great sensory play activity for kids!


There are all sorts of ways to make slime! You can even make edible slime. With so many ways to make slime, I wanted to share a super simple slime recipe that doesn’t require any unusual ingredients, and it is called cornstarch slime!

Remember to keep cornstarch on hand! Cornstarch is always one of the supplies packed into our homemade science kits! It’s a terrific ingredient for cool kitchen science activities and is great to have on hand to whip up an easy science experiment!

Some of our favorite cornstarch recipes…



  • PVA Washable White School Glue
  • Cornstarch
  • Food Coloring {optional}
  • Container, measuring scoop, spoon
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This recipe is one part glue to three parts {give or take a little} cornstarch. I always start with the glue.

Step 1: Measure out the glue. We use either a 1/3 scoop or a 1/4 cup scoop.

Step 2: Add food coloring to the glue if desired. We have been enjoying the neon food coloring lately.

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Step 3: Slowly add in the cornstarch. Remember you need 3 times the amount of cornstarch to glue. Mix in between adding the cornstarch. It will slowly thicken as you continue to add the starch.

Step 4. Test it with your fingers. Can you pick up the cornstarch slime without it being wet, sticky and gooey? If you can, then you are ready to knead your corn starch slime! If not, add a little bit more cornstarch.

The spoon will only work for so long! You will need to feel the consistency of your slime after a while.

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Eventually, you will be able to pick it up as a big chunk. Some will continue to stick to the container and will need to be dug out and added to your pile if desired. A little cornstarch on the fingers will help the tackiness.

Knead your cornstarch slime for a few minutes, and then have fun playing with it! 

If your cornstarch slime seems a little dry, add a dab of glue and work it into the mixture. Add just a small drop as a little goes a long way! Please, keep in mind that this slime will not feel or look like our regular slime recipes, but it is easy and quick to make.

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Although my son prefers our traditional slime recipes, he still had fun with this cornstarch slime. It will not keep the length of time that a traditional slime will and in all truth, it is best used and played with on the day it is made.

You can store your cornstarch slime in an air tight container and add a drop of glue to re-hydrate it the next day. Cornstarch slime will be a little bit messier on the hands as well. Though my son, who doesn’t like messy hands did alright with it for the most part.

Our slime with cornstarch and glue recipe still has a lot of cool movement to it. It stretches and oozes and all that good slime stuff, but the texture is different!

Cornstarch for Oobleck

Have you ever made oobleck with cornstarch and water? It’s definitely a classic science activity that all kids must try! Oobleck, like slime is what’s known as a non Newtonian fluid, but it’s made with just water and corn starch. It’s cool science and goes great with Dr. Seuss activities too.

Is slime a liquid or a solid? This easy cornstarch slime is a great activity for exploring states of matter! Slime with cornstarch lets you easily explore the properties of both a liquid and a solid.

Make it into a big lump and slowly watch it lose its shape. A true solid will retain it’s shape when placed in a container or on a surface. A true liquid will flow if placed on a surface or will take the shape of a container. This type of slime does both!

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  2. great slime recipe it really works i found the glue was making it sticky tho so i just really found this recipe helpfull

  3. the cornstarch recipe was awful – did not work, stuck to my finger and was hard to get off. A real mess.

  4. It’s definitely a bit of a different slime and won’t feel like the traditional slime recipes! I always like to include some alternative sensory play recipes. It can be a little sticky. I hope you will give it another try or try one of our other slimes.

  5. it wasn’t sticky persay – it remained in crmbs, woldn’t come together and never became slime at all. I will not be trying any other slime rcipes on your site.

  6. Im sorry to hear that! Honestly, this recipe is meant for kiddos and caregivers who can’t use borax products to make official slime whether its for health reasons or regulations. It’s definitely not going to have the same texture and feel because it doesn’t contain those ingredients that give it the rubbery texture.

    I certainly invite you to try one of our four basic slime recipes. The liquid starch slime is so easy and saline solution with baking soda is another favorite. The cornstarch and glue slime you made is much different and intended to be an alternative style recipe. Good luck!

  7. Awesome thanks! It’s a good alternative just in case you don’t have the ingredients or can’t make the other types of slimes.

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  11. No, this recipe is going to be a bit sticky. I would check out our liquid starch slime recipe or our fidget putty recipe!

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