Our passion here is in providing slime recipes that everyone can enjoy, and that means making sure we have plenty of cool recipes for edible slime to share too! Some kids like to taste stuff but still want to enjoy the slimy experience. Making and playing with slime is an amazing tactile sensory experience (cool science too) whether you make it with borax or gummy bears!



Yes, we love our classic slime recipes using proper slime activators like liquid starch, saline solution, and borax powder, but we also love these new edible slime recipe ideas below too. Completely borax free, if you are looking for something a little different, start with the ingredients in your kitchen pantry.

Edible slime can be made of…

  • Candy
  • Condensed milk
  • Chocolate
  • Cornstarch
  • Corn syrup
  • Powdered sugar
  • Marshmallows
  • Oil

Read on to find out how to make edible slime your kids will love!


Some kids are still in the tasting everything phase of life and our traditional slimes are NOT taste-safe, even just a bite. Therefore, you need an edible slime recipe instead.

Or maybe you need to accommodate kids of multiple ages and need to make sure everyone has a safe experience (just in case there is a nibbler in the group).

Some kids might also have sensitive skin to the common ingredients in slime activators, especially if they are already sensitive to laundry detergents, soaps, and cleaning products.

Lastly, you may just not have access to some of the different supplies needed to make our basic slime recipes.  But you do have the edible slime ingredients mentioned above in your pantry!


Yes and no! Edible slime is non-toxic and made without borax. However, is it a slimy snack for your kids to chow down on? NO! Although everything is labeled edible, I like to think of these slime recipes as TASTE-SAFE.

If your kids taste it, they will be safe. With that said, some of these recipes will be tastier than others anyway. Some kiddos will naturally want to taste slime and some won’t. Always keep the needs of your kids in mind when making slime!

DISCLAIMER: Please double check all food allergies among kids making these slime.  We never recommend that edible slime be eaten as a snack.

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Let’s take a look at some fun ways to make edible slime with the kids the next time you find yourself with a little extra time! Making slime is a fun way to get hands-on with the kids and turn the screens off for a while.

Click on the pictures below to learn how to make each one.


Similar to our fake snot gelatin slime below.  All you need is some gelatin, corn syrup and food coloring for a borax free edible slime to play with.

Chia Seed Slime

Chia seeds make for a great slime experience, you just don’t want to eat too much of it because of the fiber content.

edible slime

Chocolate Slime

Only 3 ingredients, your kids are sure to love this chocolate slime recipe. We paired it with a s’mores theme for amazing sensory play that’s completely edible. As a little twist, this chocolate slime is made without Nutella or condensed milk and without cornstarch.

edible slime recipe

Edible Chocolate Slime

Another fun fudge chocolate slime!  This one is made with condensed milk.

edible slime

Fake Snot Gelatin Slime (Yes Really!)

Fake snot is a must try for cool science, gross science, or even your next party! Easy to make with a few kitchen ingredients, gelatin slime has to be one of our favorite edible slime recipes.


We have made stretchy gingerbread slime with borax, now make this scented gingerbread slime you can eat.

Gummy Bear Slime

You have to try this fun edible slime with everyone’s favorite gummy bear candy.

edible slime

Fiber Slime

However, a tasty as this slime may turn out to be, I DO NOT encourage this slime as a snack. This contains a high ratio of fiber powder to water, and is not meant to be consumed in quantity.

Jello Slime

edible slime

Marshmallow Fluff Edible Slime

This is a simple no-cook edible slime that uses marshmallow fluff instead of jumbo marshmallows.

Marshmallow Edible Slime

Bring on a fun edible marshmallow slime that doubles as a cool thinking putty idea too!

edible slime

Peep Slime

We have tons of fun ideas for things to do with peeps, including making this edible peep slime.

edible slime


This edible slime has a soft play dough like consistency and the delicious smell of chocolate pudding.  Easy to make, and even easier to play with!

Also try shark theme pudding slime and cherry blossom slime.

pudding slime is ready to play with


3 simple pantry ingredients turn into a colorful recognizable stretchy starburst slime that little hands can’t wait to get into!

Strawberry Marshmallow Slime

Learn how to make the tastiest edible marshmallow slime. Check out how we make slime with marshmallows and powdered sugar. No cornstarch!

edible slime

Taffy Slime

Make a fun edible slime with taffy candy!

edible slime

Although these edible slime recipes are super fun, unique, and a cool sensory experience, they simply won’t behave a whole lot like real slime. Keep in mind that the consistency, texture, and appearance will be different but still awesome!

Happy experimenting with your edible slime! Leave a comment below to let me know which one is your favorite edible slime.


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