Building fundamental math skills in elementary school children can be quite a challenge. That’s why it’s so important to give them tons of reinforcing activities to help solidify that foundation for further education! What if I told you there was a fun way to get kids excited about math and counting? Introducing these easy-to-use printable Hundreds Charts!


What Is A Hundreds Chart?

A hundreds chart is a number chart consisting of a grid of numbers ranging from 1-100. Each number is placed in a square with empty squares signifying missing numbers. Hundreds charts come in all shapes and sizes, from skip counting to showing even or odd numbers, and even come in blank versions. 

A hundreds chart is a great interactive math activity that they can practice individually or in groups. With 15 pages of different hundreds activities, our printable hundreds charts are perfect for young learners!


Benefits of Using Hundreds Charts

How Hundreds Charts Help Children Understand Number Sense

  • Number Recognition: It helps kids recognize and familiarize themselves with numbers from 1 to 100. Young children just beginning to learn about numbers can greatly benefit from this!
  • Counting Skills: Children can use the chart to count forwards and backward, helping them build essential counting skills.
  • Number Patterns: They can identify number patterns, such as how odd and even numbers alternate or how numbers change in the tens and ones places.
  • Skip Counting: It’s a fantastic tool for teaching skip counting (counting by twos, fives, or tens). This skill is crucial for multiplication and understanding number sequences.
  • Sequencing Skills: Kids can practice sequencing skills, which lays the foundation for understanding numerical order in math.
  • Number Writing: Kids can practice their number writing skills by filling in the missing numbers. 

Why Hundreds Charts Are a Valuable Educational Tool

  • Visual Learning: Many children are visual learners, and the chart provides a clear visual representation of numbers, making math concepts easier to grasp.
  • Concrete Manipulation: Children can physically interact with the chart by pointing to numbers, circling them, or filling in missing numbers. This hands-on approach makes learning more engaging.
  • Conceptual Understanding: It helps children move beyond number memorization to truly understand their relationships and how they fit into the number system.
  • Versatility: Hundreds charts can be used in various math activities, games, and worksheets, making learning math both fun and practical.
  • Early Math Foundation: It lays a solid foundation for more advanced math concepts like place value, addition, subtraction, and even multiplication.

What age group can use hundreds charts?

Hundreds charts are perfect for kindergarteners up to third graders, as well as older students who are struggling with numeracy!

Tips For Incorporating Hundreds Charts

Customize the charts for each age group

Kindergarten: Use the basic charts like filling in the blank numbers and only go up to around 20-30, depending on their skill level.

First Grade and up: Explore numbers beyond 20-30 and focus on number patterns and color by number. You can also use a blank hundreds chart to help solidify their number sense. 

Protect The Charts For Indefinite Use

Use a clear page protector or laminate the charts to keep them free from damage. Then, reuse the laminated chart over and over again!

Use The Charts Alongside Lesson Plans

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, using these Hundreds Charts alongside kids’ lesson plans can help strengthen their foundational math skills!

Play Games

Turn the Hundreds Charts into a fun game, like who can fill it out the fastest or number bingo!

Group Activities

Have kids work in groups to work on number sequencing, patterns, and more!

Grab The 100s Chart Printable Pack!

Find this 13-page Hundreds Chart Pack in our SHOP! This pack includes a variety of fun ways to practice counting to 100. Whether your kids are just starting or need extra practice, this hundreds chart pack is the perfect activity to add to your math worksheets stash.

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