Color By Number coloring pages are a fun activity for kids of all ages to learn colors, practice number identification, and more. Whether you need a creative way to teach your students about animals, seasons, or holidays, these free printable color by number worksheets are perfect for school or as a home activity!

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Colors?

Colors and numbers are critical skills for kids to learn because they build the foundation for other skills.

Learning about colors helps children categorize different things, like the sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow, etc. In addition, learning about colors helps strengthen a child’s memorization skills.

In addition, learning basic number recognition builds the foundation for more complex math concepts like number addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Learning about numbers can help kids become better problem solvers and increase their attention to detail by recognizing patterns

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Benefits of Using Color By Number Printables

Color By Number coloring pages are more than a simple fun activity. They are an excellent way for kids to learn different colors, develop early mathematical understanding, and explore themes while building skills such as:

Problem Solving Skills

Identifying the corresponding colors to the assigned numbers strengthens problem-solving skills and the concept of numbers. 

Hand-eye Coordination

Children need to focus on putting their color tools to the paper and coloring in the lines, which is especially important for young children. 

Number Recognition Skills

Allows your child to identify different numbers and choose the correct color. 

Fine Motor Skills

Children need to be able to use the small muscles in their hands to hold the coloring tool, a skill critical during the early stages of development. 

But that’s not all! Color By Numbers also:

  • Are easy to follow! Color By Number activities are straightforward and only require 2 things – coloring tools and worksheets.
  • Provide quiet time! Color By Number printables allow children to work independently and focus on the task. 
  • Promotes patience! Kids are encouraged to tackle one number at a time to produce the final result. 
  • Work for all age groups! Young children learn basic number skills and color recognition, while older kids can focus on more complex math and drawing concepts. 

Color By Number pages are one of the most efficient tools for teaching children about various learning elements and building the skills they need to succeed. 

Tips for Using Color By Numbers

Although Color By Numbers is a simple activity, there are a few things you can do to help kids reap the most benefits.

  • Choose the correct Color By Number activity for each age group. Give younger kids the simpler Color By Numbers worksheets and older kids the more complex ones. 
  • Let children use whatever coloring tools they want. Bring out crayons, coloring pencils, markers, etc., and allow them to choose the ones they want! See our art cart list for more ideas.
  • Emphasize certain concepts like pairing the correct number to the right color.
  • Highlight the specific themes used in the Color By Numbers worksheets to engage the kids better as they’re coloring!
  • For parents: Try incorporating Color By Numbers worksheets that correspond to your kids’ learning in school.
  • For teachers: Use Color By Numbers worksheets as a quiet activity to coincide with your lesson plans. 

Free Printable Color By Number Coloring Pages

The great thing about Color By Number coloring pages are the variety of themes you can choose. From animals to science, to favorite holidays, you can use Color By Numbers worksheets to further their knowledge and to teach kids about different holiday celebrations! 

12 Days of Christmas Color By Number

These 12 Days of Christmas Color By Number worksheets are the perfect activity for the holidays. Each worksheet represents one day from the song “The 12 Days of Christmas,” making it a great way to teach kids about the song and keep them engaged during the holiday season.

Christmas Around The World Color By Number

Learn about Christmas Around the World with these Color By Number worksheets!

Kwanzaa Color By Number

These fun Kwanzaa color by number pages, include a Kinara, gifts, and of course a fruit bowl symbolizing the “first fruits” or harvest. There are 6 pages total. Easy Kwanzaa coloring pages for preschool and older.

Diwali Color By Number

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a special celebration that many people from the Hindu faith and other cultures observe. Use this Diwali Color By Number printables to teach your kids about this beautiful holiday!

Thanksgiving Color By Number

Gobble, gobble! These turkey color by number printables showcase 6 turkeys in disguise! Kids can uncover the different turkeys as you share the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday with them!

Pi Day Color By Number

This Pi Day Color By Number worksheet represents Pi Day, aka March 14. This day represents the first three digits of the mathematical constant π (pi), which is approximately equal to 3.14159. Use these Color By Numbers worksheets to teach your kids all about this special number. You can find more fun Pi Day activities here.

Plant Color By Number

Perfect for the Spring season, these Plant Life Cycle Color By Numbers are a fun way to teach kids all about different plants, seeds, and how plants grow! Check out more fun plant activities for kids.

Space Color By Number

Complete with 2 packs, one with basic numbers and the other with fractions, these Space Color By Numbers contains all the different planets for out-of-this-world fun! Check out more fun space activities for kids.

Space Color By Number

Spring Color By Number

Spring is in the air with these Spring Color By Number coloring pages! Learn all about the different elements of Spring like flowers, trees, and animals! Pair it with these spring science activities!

Dinosaur Color By Number

Just because dinosaurs went extinct a long time ago, doesn’t mean we can’t still learn about them! This Dinosaur Color By Number coloring pages focus on the different types of dinosaurs, making it a great learning moment for kids! Follow it up with one of these hands-on dinosaur activities.

Frog Color By Number

From egg to tadpole to full-grown frog, these Frog Life Cycle Color By Number printables have everything kids need to learn about these amphibious creatures!

Animal Habitats Color By Number

These Animal Habitats Color By Number sheets are a great way to teach kids about the habitats animals live in! You can also pair this activity with some real-world experience by going outside and observing the animal habitats in your area.

Habitat Color By Number

Ocean Animals Color By Number

Go under the sea with these Ocean Animals Color By Number pages! Explore the different ocean animals living in the deep blue ocean. This is the perfect activity to pair with your other ocean activities.

Ocean Color By Number

Chinese Zodiac Animals Color By Number

Try these Chinese Zodiac Animals Color By Number worksheets when celebrating the Chinese New Year! Kids can learn about the different Zodiac animals and their meanings as they work on these coloring sheets. Check out more fun Chinese New Year activities for kids.

Pirate Color By Number

Ahoy matey! Kids love a pirate theme, and you can easily make these pirate color by number worksheets a part of your next math lesson along with our LEGO pirate challenges!

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