LEGO and math go together perfectly, and these easy-to-print and free LEGO Math challenge cards are a natural way to explore math! Kids love to build and play with LEGO! Basic bricks are fantastic for this kindergarten and early elementary LEGO math activity. Pack it all up in a bag or add them to a ring, and you have the perfect quiet time, early finisher, math center, or on-the-go activity, too! We love simple LEGO learning. It is easy with these building ideas!


Free LEGO math challenge cards for basic math skills!

Learning is way more fun when you can use hands-on materials, especially materials your kid already loves. We LOVE LEGO! Why not turn those basic bricks into a fun and accessible hands-on math activity? These LEGO math cards are perfect for kids working on adding, subtracting, building towers, and more.

There are endless ways to learn with LEGO, and we have the best brick building LEGO activities to prove it.

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Why Use LEGO for Learning Math?

Incorporating LEGO into math lessons can make math more accessible, enjoyable, and memorable for children. It promotes a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and encourages a positive attitude toward the subject, which can be valuable for their educational development.

Hands-On Learning: LEGO bricks provide a tangible, hands-on experience that helps children grasp abstract mathematical concepts more effectively. They can physically manipulate and arrange bricks to visualize math problems and solutions.

Engagement and Motivation: Many children find LEGO building highly engaging and enjoyable. Incorporating LEGO into math lessons can make the subject more appealing and motivate students to participate actively in their learning.

Concrete Representation: LEGO models can represent mathematical ideas and problems in a concrete way. For example, children can use bricks to represent quantities, fractions, or geometric shapes, making these concepts more accessible.

Problem Solving: LEGO encourages problem-solving and critical thinking. Kids can use bricks to solve math problems, create puzzles, or devise their own mathematical challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of math.

Visualization: LEGO can help children visualize abstract mathematical concepts like multiplication, division, and geometry. It allows them to see the relationships between numbers, shapes, and measurements.

Math in Real Life: Integrating LEGO into math lessons allows students to apply math to real-world scenarios. They can use LEGO to measure, calculate, and solve problems that they might encounter in everyday life.

LEGO math busy bag activity

LEGO Math Printable

Click on the big box below or here to download your copy of our LEGO math challenge cards! Plus you can download your copy of our travel building challenge cards here.

Print them in color or black and white. You can cut and laminate them too! Add everything to a pencil bag, and you have a great activity to toss in your bag for on the go.

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I suggest adding 20 bricks of each of the five basic colors to your bag or having them ready in a bin. Plus, you have an excellent number of 100 for kids to count, too!

You can purchase bricks straight from here, or you can buy LEGO Classic sets, like this one, which is a fantastic way to supplement your loose brick collection.

  • 20 red bricks
  • 20 green bricks
  • 20 blue bricks
  • 20 orange bricks
  • 20 yellow bricks

This LEGO math activity will keep your kids learning and having fun while doing it! If you need to keep up skills over a school vacation or homeschool and have access to create your own learning activities, the LEGO math challenge cards will be a great addition! Add them to a hundred chart activity!

LEGO math kindergarten and early elementary

Printable LEGO Brick Building Project Pack

Breathe new life into your existing LEGO or brick collections!

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