Do you love LEGO and love ocean animals? Why not build LEGO sharks for shark week or an ocean theme? Use your basic bricks and pieces to take this LEGO sea creature challenge and create a shark. Plus, check out our favorite LEGO shark set, LEGO shark minifig, custom LEGO Aquarium design, and more! Make sure to grab our shark facts fun pack and free ocean challenges!


Build LEGO Sharks for Shark Week

Even if you are not interested in the official Shark Week, these excellent ocean fish have always amazed adults and kids! They are truly unique creatures that have evolved and survived for millions of years, long before the dinosaurs.

The shark dinosaur has even been named Megalodon. Maybe you have heard of him? Well, they must be pretty amazing as the dinosaurs are extinct, but the sharks are thriving, with many different kinds swimming in the ocean. So let’s build LEGO sharks!

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How to Build a LEGO Shark

I am not sure what species of shark we were aiming for here. We already have LEGO shark figures with our Deep Sea LEGO City set. But it’s always fun to try to come up with your own designs and ideas. Check out my original LEGO Aquarium below!


Basic LEGO Bricks in Grey and Blue! Shapes include:

  • 1×2, 2×2, 2×4, 2×6 Bricks
  • 1×1 Cylinders (teeth)
  • Slopes
  • Inverted Slopes

Usually, we try to do most of our LEGO activities with the most basic bricks, like the 2×2 and the 2×4 size LEGO bricks, but this time we ventured into some of the slopes and even a few 1×1 cylinder pieces for teeth. We had a few 1×1 pieces with eyes printed on them, but you can also use a dry-erase marker and draw your own!

Look at our LEGO shark model below to get some inspiration for your own. Or use the photos to make an exact copy. You should be able to count the brick pieces needed or configure your own pieces from different combinations of the basic bricks.


We used both the regular sloping and the reverse sloping pieces to smooth out the body but you really don’t need to do that to have fun building LEGO sharks.

Plus, don’t worry if you don’t have enough of one color. Somewhere there might be a rainbow shark.

Did you know that no two sharks look alike? Check out more fun shark facts for kids!

LEGO Sharks with Basic BricksPin

Free Printable LEGO Challenges

Grab these free LEGO challenge cards with an ocean theme and my newest LEGO challenge called a LEGO Habitat Challenge with an ocean theme.

Shark Week Activity with LEGO SharksPin

LEGO Shark Sets

Want to play around with even more LEGO sharks? Check out these LEGO shark sets. Please note, that these are amazon affiliate links.

Did you know the LEGO company produces fantastic molded LEGO sharks in various sets? Additionally, you can build a cool shark with this LEGO shark set or pick up this LEGO boat and shark set! How about a shark minifigure?

LEGO Aquarium MOC

MOC stands for “my own creation,” and this LEGO aquarium is my own design! I love everything LEGO Ocean and have a LEGO city. I designed and built this large LEGO aquarium that sits on two baseplates and includes many ocean animals, including sharks, crabs, turtles, and coral!

LEGO Challenge: Build a LEGO Aquarium with the pieces you have!

Learn More About Ocean Animals

Do you have kids who love to learn about the ocean and all the ocean animals in it? Check out these ocean animal activities for fantastic learning ideas for jellyfish, starfish, narwhals, and more!

Ocean Activities

Printable Ocean Activities Pack

If you want to have all of your printable ocean activities in one convenient place, plus exclusive worksheets with an ocean theme, our 100+ page Ocean STEM Project Pack is what you need!

Check out The Complete Ocean Science and STEM Pack in our SHOP!



  1. I love the sharks! And so will my little guy when I show him in the morning. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Terrific! I am publishing a LEGO ocean animals one as I type. Whales, a crab, octopus, and even a narwhal!

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