Blast into fantastic space activities for kids of all ages (preschool to middle school). Explore the night sky with these fantastic space projects for kids ranging from hands-on science and sensory activities to favorite space-theme art activities.

Build a shuttle with Mae Jemison, explore the constellations with Neil deGrasse Tyson, whip up galaxy slime, test your engineering skills with space-themed STEM challenges, and more! We love fun simple science activities for kids!

Earth Science for Kids

Astronomy is included under the branch of science known as Earth Science. It’s the study of the Earth and everything in the universe beyond the Earth’s atmosphere including the sun, moon, planets, stars, and much more. More areas of Earth Science include the following:

Kids will have a blast with these simple to set up space theme activities that explore space in a hands-on way! Whether you want to dig your hands into a handful of moon sand or sculpt an edible moon cycle, we have you covered! Want to build a model space shuttle or paint a galaxy? Let’s go!

When it comes to doing space-themed activities for preschool through to middle school science, keep it fun and very hands-on. Pick science activities where kids can be involved and not just watch you!

Make it STEM or STEAM with a wide range of space, moon, galaxy, and star-themed projects that combine parts of science, technology, engineering, math, and art (STEAM).

Space Theme STEM Challenges

STEM challenges are usually open-ended suggestions to solve a problem. That’s a big part of what STEM is all about!

Ask a question, develop solutions, design, test, and retest! The tasks are meant to get kids thinking about and using the design process.

What’s the design process? I’m glad you asked! In many ways, it’s a series of steps an engineer, inventor, or scientist would go through to solve a problem. Learn more about the steps of the engineering design process.

  • Use in the classroom, at home, or with clubs and groups.
  • Print, cut, and laminate to use repeatedly (or use page protectors).
  • Perfect for individual or group challenges.
  • Set a time constraint, or make it an all-day project!
  • Talk about and share the results of each challenge.

FREE Printable Space Activities

Grab a free printable space activity pack to plan a space theme, including our reader’s favorite STEM challenge cards, a list of ideas, and I Spy!

Space Activities for Kids

Below, you will find a fun selection of space crafts, science, STEM, art, slime, and sensory play activities that explore space, especially the moon! There are space ideas for preschoolers to elementary-age kids and older.

Learn more about moon craters, explore the moon phases, play with polymers with homemade galaxy slime, paint a galaxy or make a galaxy in a jar, and more.

Look for a variety of free printables throughout the projects!


Create your own watercolor galaxy art inspired by the beauty of our incredible Milky Way galaxy. This galaxy watercolor painting is a great way to explore mixed-media art with kiddos of all ages.


Build your own satellite for fantastic space themes STEM and learn a little bit about the mastermind, Evelyn Boyd Granville, in the process.

Build A Satellite


Build your own model of the Apollo Lunar Lander for STEM in honor of renowned African American mathematician Katherine Johnson. Katherine Johnson’s calculations were critical to the success of the Apollo lunar landings.


Have you ever stopped and gazed at the stars on a clear dark night? It’s one of my favorite things to do when we have a quiet evening. Learn about the constellations you can see with these easy constellation activities. Free printable included!


Planetariums are great places to see what the night sky looks like without having to have a powerful telescope. Create your own DIY planetarium from a few simple supplies and explore constellations found in the Milky Way galaxy.


A spectroscope is an instrument that astronomers use to study gases, and stars in space. Create your own DIY spectroscope from a few simple supplies and make a rainbow from visible light.


Learn about the planets in our amazing solar system with this hands-on solar system project. Find out how to make a solar system model for a school project or for home. All you need are a few simple supplies to create your own solar system diorama.

How to make a solar system diorama and learn about the order of the planets.


Explore the life cycle of a star with easy-to-print information. This mini-reading activity is the perfect complement to our galaxy or constellation activities. Download the star life cycle here.


Learn about the Earth’s atmosphere with these fun printable worksheets and games below. An easy way to explore the layers of the atmosphere and why they are essential to our biosphere.

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Develop your engineering skills as you design and build a space shuttle from simple supplies.


The moon in your night sky may not fizz and bubble like this fizzy space STEAM activity, but it’s still a fun way to dig into astronomy, chemistry, and art simultaneously!


Why not make a batch of fizzing moon rocks to celebrate the lunar landing anniversary? Make sure to have plenty of baking soda and vinegar on hand because your kids will want to make tons of these cool “rocks”.

Fizzing Moon Rocks Activity


What colors do you find in outer space?  Make this beautiful galaxy inspired slime that kids will love playing with!


A colorful galaxy in a jar. Did you know that galaxies actually get their colors from the stars within that galaxy? It’s called the stellar population! You can make your own space science in a jar instead!

Galaxy Jar


Every night, you can look up into the sky and notice the moon’s changing shape! So let’s bring the moon indoors with this fun and simple puffy paint moon craft.


Explore how moon craters are formed, with this easy sensory moon dough mixture!


Explore space with free, fun, and easy-to-use LEGO space challenges using basic breaks!


Another fun sensory recipe with a space theme.  Great for hands-on learning with a theme variation on our moon dough recipe above.


Enjoy a bit of edible astronomy with this Oreo space activity. Explore how the moon’s shape or moon phases change over the course of the month with a favorite cookie sandwich.


What are the different phases of the moon? Another fun way to learn the moon phases with this simple moon craft activity.


Learn some facts about our amazing solar system with this printable solar system lapbook project. Includes a diagram of the planets in the solar system.


Build a simple model of the Aquarius Reef base inspired by astronaut John Herrington. He was the commander of a small team of people who spent ten days living and working underwater.


If your middle schooler needs a bit of practice converting mixed fractions to improper fractions, grab this free printable color by code math activity with a space theme.

Space Color By Number

Neil Armstrong Activity Book

Grab this printable Neil Armstrong workbook to add to your space-theme lesson plan. Armstrong, an American astronaut, was the first to walk on the moon.

Neil Armstrong

Set Up A Space Camp Week

Grab this free printable guide to start planning your space camp week filled with awesome science, STEM, and art activities. It’s not just for summer camp; try this camp any time of the year, including vacations, after-school groups, library groups, scouts, and more!

Just enough activities to get you started! Plus, you can add in our printable LEGO challenges and other activities included above if you need a few more. Make a plan to explore the night sky, whip up a batch of galaxy slime, and learn all about the 1969 Lunar Landing with our pack below.

Printable Space Projects Pack

With 250+ pages of hands-on fun space themed fun, you can easily explore classic space themes with your kiddos including moon phases, constellations, the solar system, and of course the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing with Neil Armstrong.

⭐️ Activities include supply lists, instructions, and step-by-step pictures. Also Includes FULL Space Camp Week. ⭐️

Celebrate the 1969 lunar landing with easy-to-do activities at home, with groups, at camp, or in the classroom. Read up on this famous event and learn more about Neil Armstrong as well.

  • Moon STEAM activities combine science, technology, engineering, art, and math with supply lists, set up and process photos, and science information. Craters, fizzy moon rocks, edible moon phases, watercolor galaxies, a DIY planetarium, bottle rocket, and so MUCH MORE!
  • Printable Moon STEM challenges that are simple but engaging for home or classroom. Also included, is a Moon theme STEM Story with challenges perfect for going on a STEM adventure inside or outside!
  • Moon phases & Constellation activities include charting moon phases, oreo moon phases, moon phases mini book, and more!
  • Solar System activities include a solar system lapbook template and plenty of information to learn about the solar system and beyond!
  • Moon extras include I-Spy, algorithm game, binary code project, 3D rocket building, thaumatropes, and MORE!


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