This simple fine motor science and water absorption activity I set up encourages both fine motor skills and science exploration! We love simple water sensory science experiments that are easy to set up and offer room for play! Simple science experiments are the perfect way to spend time together! Easy and unique ways, to encourage learning are right in your cupboards.

Fine Motor Science Activity with Water Absorption

Fine Motor Science Water Absorption Activity


Water Absorption Fine Motor Science Play Set Up

We love experimenting with water and have done lots of quick water science experiments. He really enjoys are what absorbs and what does not experiments! This set up is very simple. It includes a tray, eye dropper, cotton balls, water {food coloring}, and a small container to hold water.

Water Science Water Absorption Cotton ball Fine Motor Science Set Up

Water Absorption Science Sensory Play

I offered this up as an invitation to explore, discover, and play! This simple water absorption activity makes both a great together play time and an independent play activity as well. Water activities are easy to set it up while you are busy in the kitchen! We like to talk about our science activities while he experiments. Ask questions, make messes, experiment with ideas! Encourage your child to explore his or her thoughts instead of directing him or her step by step. If he needs a little motivation, model what can be done with the eye droppers and cotton balls, but listen to his reactions! I always like to sit back and hear what he has to say about what he sees.

Water Science Water Absorption Science Cotton Ball Fine Motor Sensory Science Play

We used lots of fine motor skills for our water absorption science activity. I added a set of tongs as well. He used the tongs to grab cotton balls and enjoyed trying out the variety of eye droppers we have collected. I told him that these were his science tools! Feel free to add a magnifying glass too!

A simple water absorption science activity with loads of great fine motor practice! 

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