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Spring is the perfect time to explore the weather, with April showers bringing May flowers. Put together a simple, non-food sensory bin to explore the sky! Craft this quick and easy weather sensory bin to add to a toddler or preschool science center weather theme, and add our free printable weather playdough mats!


Weather Sensory Bin for Kids

Add this sky-themed or weather sensory bin to your spring hands-on play. It’s filled with soft pompoms, so kids can explore different colors and textures while playing. By grabbing and sorting the pompoms with kid-friendly tweezers or tongs, they’ll improve hand coordination. Plus, they’ll use their imagination to soar through the sky.

Learn about…

  • Colors and sorting
  • Types of weather
  • Classification

TIP: Learn all about sensory bins and various fillers (non-food, too)!

Weather Activities Video:

How to Make a Weather Sensory Bin

What do your pom poms represent? Clouds, sun, rain? See the activity ideas below for your pom pom sensory bin.

Materials Needed:

  • Shallow Bin
  • Colored Pom Poms (various sizes)
  • Kid Friendly Tongs
  • Colored Cups to Match Pom Poms

Set up Instructions:

It couldn’t be easier! Add pom poms, tongs, and cups to your bin. Ready, set, explore!


Printable Weather Playdough Mats

Add these weather playdough mats to your spring preschool activities for a weather theme.

Weather Sensory Bin Activities

Colors and Sorting: Kids can sort the pom poms by color, helping them recognize and differentiate between different hues. Using tongs or tweezers strengthens hands and works on transferring skills!

Types of Weather: By exploring the different colors of the pom poms, kids can learn about various types of weather, such as fluffy white clouds on sunny days or gray clouds on rainy ones. Blue pom poms for rain drops. Yellow for the sun or lightning.

Will your weather sensory bin be a rainy day or a sunny day?

Classification: Sorting the pom poms based on characteristics can teach kids about classification, helping them understand how things are grouped together based on similarities and differences. Color and size are two simple ways to classify pom poms.


More Weather Activities

There are so many ways for kids to explore weather science activities!

Free Quick Start Sensory Bin Guide

Watch the Video:

More Fun Sensory Bins To Make

Now you know how to make a sensory bin, check out these awesome sensory bin ideas below that you can easily put together yourself.

Printable Preschool Bundle

Get ready to explore this year with our growing Preschool STEM Bundle! Or grab just the “I Can Explore Weather Pack!”

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