Dinosaur play is always a popular theme for an activity around here! We have tried out so many cool dinosaur play ideas like a volcano small world, melting dinosaur eggs, and even dinosaurs and lava slime! Today’s activity is a dinosaur sensory bin set up as a small world in our water table. What is a small world, read all about them here!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin and Small World with Moon Sand

Dinosaur Sensory Bin Moon Sand Recipe

I told him we were going to go outside and make a dinosaur sensory bin in his water table and he nearly popped with joy. First he got these four large black stones from his rice bin and then I had him grab some dinosaurs. A big part of our sensory bins now is making them together. More times than not, I do not present him with a finished bin as an invitation. Rather, I present him with a sensory bin to help me build. Team work, practical life skills, and more before the play even begins. He will help with just about anything, so I got the essential materials together.

Dinosaur Sensory Bin for Preschool

Here’s what our new invitation to play looks like. A dinosaur sensory bin in the making. First we needed to make some moon sand together. It’s a super easy recipe and one of our top 12 tactile sensory play recipes! Stock your cabinets for great sensory play!

4 cups of sand (he helped me scoop from sandbox)

2 cups of cornstarch (well I am not much of a measurer so we dumped the rest in to the bin.)

1 cup of water (he dumped it on top)

Mush and Squish till just right!


It’s messy work mixing moon sand for our dinosaur sensory bin!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Here’s our awesome and simple dinosaur sensory bin and small world ready for play!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin Small World

We added blue colored water, shells, stones, grass (from lovely plant behind him), glass gems, more stones and dinosaurs.



 He buried them in the sand and built dams and walls to make sure the water didn’t come in to the cave. We made dinosaur sand castles and “excavated” the dinosaurs and fossils. He mashed and mixed and listened to the ocean through the shells. This dinosaur sensory bin and small world has so many possibilities for imaginative play as well as sensory play.


Moon sand is excellent for molding castles too. Get the perfect sand castle sand overtime with moon sand.


Our dinosaur sensory bin with cool moon sand was an excellent hands-on experience!


This dinosaur sensory bin from set up to finished activity was loads of fun and easy to do with materials we already had. These water tables are great for any sensory play idea and can even be brought inside for a rainy day!

Create a simple dinosaur sensory bin for your little dino fan!

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  1. I love it–the water bin is the perfect place for the dinosaurs!! 😉 I also had to laugh at him washing his hands at each step, lol…my daughter would do that too!

  2. Yes, best to let him just do it and much easier than him washing his hands after shaving cream or oobleck in the bathroom every 20 secs! Guess lesson learned that hands on messy should be done outside with a bucket of water. This sure was fun to make together.

  3. Very cute! I kind of wish we had a sand and water table now. Too bad I really hate sand! lol Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  4. What a great idea! I love all the sensory components to this activity. I’ve also heard about mixing flour and baby oil together to make sand – I think that’s going to be my next adventure with the kids! Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh that is just a water table from toys r us! I bet you can find it on craigslist too especially at the end of the season.

  6. I’ll have to try this. I’ve been getting everything ready before hand, but it’s probably twice the fun for them to help every step of the way! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I really enjoyed how he was involved in this rather than it being set up for him. I am totally kicking myself for giving away our own water table because now I want to do this exact one with my kids. Thank you for linking up to Magic Moments Monday!

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