Have you ever wondered how computers process information, and create the dazzling array of colors we see on screens daily? It all comes down to the fascinating world of binary code! Explore binary code and its role in computer science, and pay homage to Margaret Hamilton, a pioneering computer scientist, as you are introduced to a delightful Color by Binary Code printable activity.


What Is Binary Code?

Binary code is the language that computers use to represent information. It consists of only two digits, 0 and 1, arranged in sequences. These sequences, known as bits, form the building blocks of all digital data. Learn more about binary code.

Just as letters combine to form words and words combine to form sentences, bits combine to represent numbers, letters, and other data types. This binary language is the foundation for all computer operations and programming.

Bring the world of binary code to life with our Color by Binary Code printable activity below. This engaging exercise allows learners of all ages to decode binary patterns and use them to color in a picture. A great way to reinforce understanding of binary code and encourages creativity and attention to detail.

Students will decipher binary representations of colors and apply them to corresponding sections of the coloring sheet. It’s a hands-on way to grasp the concept of binary while enjoying a classic color by code activity.

Margaret Hamilton: A Trailblazer in Computer Science

Before we dive into the coding activity, let’s take a moment to appreciate the contributions of Margaret Hamilton, a pioneer in computer science. She played a crucial role in developing the software for Apollo’s missions to the moon.

Her work laid the groundwork for modern software engineering and reinforced the importance of rigorous coding practices. Her legacy continues to inspire generations of programmers, highlighting the significant impact that women have had in shaping the field of computer science.

Check out more famous women in STEM projects.

Free Printable Binary Code Activity

Note: This free color-by-binary coding activity is a sample from our Explorers Code Quest Pack featured below!

Color By Binary Code Instructions


  • Art materials such as colored pencils or crayons
  • Pen or pencil
  • Printable pages


Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. You’ll need the Color by Binary Code printable sheet, a set of coloring materials (colored pencils, markers, or crayons), and a curious mind ready to explore the world of binary.

Step 2: Understand Binary Representations

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the binary representations on the coloring sheet. Each series of 0s and 1s corresponds to a symbol, such as a flashlight. Channel your inner codebreaker and start deciphering these binary patterns.

Step 3: Translate Binary to Symbols

Translate the binary code into symbols using the key provided on the printable sheet. For example, a binary sequence might represent a flashlight. Refer to the key to unveil the mystery behind each sequence and discover the symbols hidden within the binary patterns.

Step 4: Decode to Reveal Colors

Once you’ve identified the symbols, it’s time to reveal the colors associated with each one. The key will guide you in matching symbols to specific colors.

Step 5: Bring the Picture to Life

Start coloring each picture section according to the binary instructions with your decoded symbols and corresponding colors in hand.

Grab your coloring tools, get ready to decode, and immerse yourself in the fascinating language of computers!

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