Do you have a kid who’s into breaking codes, secret spies, or special agents? I do! Our Secret Coding activity below is perfect for home or in the classroom, and the kids will love finding out the secret messages. Put together your own secret decoder ring with our free printable project below and crack the code. Solving codes are a neat way to make STEM fun!


Secret Codes For Kids

Secret codes are similar to science investigations. They contain both direct and indirect evidence to help you draw conclusions and solve the code! When you analyze the data from an investigation, you need to look at all the evidence. Sometimes the evidence is very clear and direct or observable and measurable. This is called direct evidence.

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Evidence that is not as clear and measurable is called indirect evidence. This type of evidence you have to infer from what your data tells you or what you can see but can not actually measure.

Both types of evidence are used to draw conclusions and determine whether you have answered your question or proved your hypothesis or solved your code.


Secret Decoder Ring Project



STEP 1: Print out the two circle templates and the coded message page.


STEP 2: Cut out each circle. Then place the middle circle on top of the larger circle so the letters and images line up.


STEP 4: Place the smaller circle on top and use scissors or a nail to punch a hole through all the circles.


STEP 5: Push the paper fastener through the circles and fasten.


STEP 6. Use the secret decoder ring to work out the secret messages and even create your own coded messages.


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