Learning about binary code is a fun way to introduce the basic concept of computer coding to kids. Plus, you don’t have to have a computer, so it’s a cool screen-free idea! Here you will find the binary code explained with hands-on examples kids will love. Grab the printables and get started with simple coding. Explore STEM with kids of all ages!


What is Binary Code?

Computer coding is a huge part of STEM, and is what creates all the software, apps, and websites we use without even thinking twice!

A code is a set of instructions, and computer coders {real people} write these instructions to program all sorts of things. Coding is its own language, and for programmers, it’s like learning a new language when they write code.

Binary code is one type of coding that uses 0 and 1 to represent letters, numbers, and symbols. It is called binary code because it’s made of only two symbols. The “bi” in binary means two!

The hardware of computers has only two electrical states, on or off. These can be represented by zero (off) or one (on). Letters, numbers, and symbols are translated to eight-character binary numbers as you work with them through the software on your computer.

The binary system was invented by scholar Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in the late 1600s, a long time before it was used for computers. It’s incredible that even today, computers still use binary to send, receive, and store information!

Want to know how to say hello in binary code? It looks like this…

Hello: 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111

Check out these fun and hands-on coding activities below for more straightforward examples of binary code for kids. Write your name in binary, code “I love you,” and more.

Grab this FREE Printable Binary Code Activity for Kids

Coding Activity Set Up

Also, take a look at our Margaret Hamilton coding activity.


  • Markers, Crayons, or Pens
  • Printable Sheets


Step 1: Print the Pages

Step 2: Write the letters down the left-hand side of the sheet.

Step 3: Match the code to the letter and fill in the boxes!

Extend the Learning

Work backwards. Write in the binary code and have your kids or students solve the word!

STEM for Kids

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is hands-on learning that applies to the world around us.

STEM activities build and teach creativity, problem-solving, life skills, ingenuity, resourcefulness, patience, and curiosity. STEM is what will shape the future as our world grows and changes.

STEM learning is everywhere and in everything we do and how we live, from the natural world around us to the tablets in our hands. STEM builds inventors!

Choose STEM activities early on and playfully present them. You will teach your kids amazing concepts and build a love for exploring, discovering, learning, and creating!

More Fun Coding Activities for Kids

We have a variety of coding activities to try with kids. Find the complete creative coding activities here.

Printable Coding Activities Pack

Explore coding through easy-to-print, set-up, and do activities that don’t need a screen! This is an excellent and inexpensive way to let kids explore algorithms and binary code!

  • 15+ screen-free coding activities with instructions and explanations with helpful hints and tips.
  • Explore Algorithms with printable DIY games! 
  • Explore the Binary Alphabet with fun coding challenges.
  • Go on a coding adventure with a fun story to read and a challenge to complete.
  • Have fun breaking codes with our code-breaker activities!
  • Solve fun riddles and addition problems using code.
  • Play Robot Bingo.

Also, try Morse code, make a secret code ring, and explore binary code with Margaret Hamilton.