We enjoyed these apple and pumpkin worksheets, now add these fun Fall worksheets and printables to your lesson plans this fall! Used for both classroom lessons and at-home learning, these projects are perfect for kindergarten through elementary. These printable Fall activities cover STEM, Math, literacy, art, and more. Explore easy and hands-on printable Fall projects the kids will have a blast trying!


fall worksheets


Below you will find tons of fun printable Fall activities with full supply lists and step-by-step instructions.

Instead of downloading and printing out each individual activity, get the complete fall worksheet pack! It includes more than 20 science, engineering, coding, and art activities to try suitable for kindergarten, preschool to 3rd or 4th graders!

Fall STEM Challenges

Engineering Design Process

Builders and tinkerers or engineers often follow a design process. It includes the same basic steps to identify and solve problems. Use the printable engineering design process worksheets to go along with your fall STEM projects.

Fall STEM Supply List

A printable STEM supply list so you can set up easily for your fall STEM activities.

Candy Gears

Make your own gears with candy corn for a fun Fall twist. Explore how gears work while you test out your engineering skills.

Dissolving Candy Corn Worksheet

Investigate what happens to candy corn when you add them to different solutions for a neat fall experiment.

Dancing Corn Experiment

Can you make corn dance? I bet you can with this magical science activity the kids will love this fall.

Salt Crystal Leaves Worksheet

Here’s a great alternative to growing borax crystals, grow salt crystals with a supersaturated solution.

Parts Of A Leaf Worksheet

Learn about the parts of a leaf with this fun printable leaf worksheet and coloring pages!

Why Do Leaves Change Color Printable

Find out what causes leaves to change color in the fall with this fun printable Why Do Leaves Change Color lapbook project.

Leaf Chromatography Worksheet

Set up an experiment to find the hidden pigments in the leaves in your backyard! This leaf chromatography science experiment is perfect for exploring the hidden colors of leaves.

Black Glue Leaves

Black glue is a fun art technique that is perfect for Fall art. Easy to do with our printable leaf template.

Fall Leaf Zentangle

Color in these printable fall leaves with relaxing zentangle patterns.

Georgia O’Keeffe Leaves

Combine the colors of fall with our leaves printable to create a fun mixed media art project inspired by the famous artist, Georgia O’Keeffe!

Pinecone Worksheets

Bonus pinecone printables; includes pinecone life cycle information, science investigations, and more.

Fall Coding Worksheets

Enjoy screen free printable fall activities with an introduction to binary code, algorithms, puzzles, and more. Includes a printable alphabet in binary code, fall coding puzzle and pumpkin coding challenge.

Printable Fall Activities

Have fun with games and activities to round out your fall theme activities such as brain breaks, Would You Rather cards, mystery math pictures, and more.