These fall coloring pages explore the anatomy of fall and make the perfect addition to either your next science or art lesson! Learn about the parts of an apple, pumpkin, and leaf with these free printable fall coloring pages! These fall coloring pages work for preschoolers as well as elementary age kiddos. Color and learn, and then pair it with these fall science experiments and fall craft activities too!



What are your favorite fall themes? Apples, pumpkins, and leaves always come to find when fall rolls around!

Do you love to do apple art and crafts, build and tinker with apple STEM activities, and/or set up simple apple science experiments?

Or maybe you wait for the pumpkins to hit the markets for awesome pumpkin art and pumpkin science experiments.

Also enjoy leaf art and crafts and a why do leaves change color project! There are so many fun activities to do for fall or autumn including these free printable fall coloring pages for kids!


These printable fall coloring pages make for an easy fall activity for kids. Get all 3 fall coloring pages in one downloadable pdf at the end.

Want to extend the learning, then click on the headings below for more ideas about you can turn these printables into an easy science lesson as well. Plus, we have some fun, hands-on fall activities that would pair well with these fall coloring sheets!

Parts of an Apple Coloring Page

Learn about the parts of an apple, what the inside of an apple is called, and which parts are good to eat.

More Apple Activity Ideas…

Grab some real apples, and cut them up so kids can examine them and name the parts.

Investigate different varieties of apples with an apple 5 senses activity. Which apple tastes the best?

Learn about the life cycle of an apple with our printable worksheets and apple activities!

Parts of a Pumpkin Coloring Page

Find out the names of the parts of a pumpkin, what they look and feel like, and what parts are edible.

More Pumpkin Activity Suggestions…

Let each student investigate the insides of a real pumpkin. Can you name each part?

When you’re done you can make some pumpkin slime using the pulp and seeds of a real pumpkin – kids love it!

For more fun with pumpkins, you can make this Pumpkin Volcano, do this Pumpkin Skittles experiment, or try this fun Puking Pumpkin experiment!

Parts of a Leaf Coloring Page

Learn the names of the different parts of a leaf, and their functions.

More Leaf Activity Ideas…

Try this simple leaf experiment to learn how water moves through the veins in a leaf.

Use real fall leaves to make a simple leaf painting using watercolor paints and white crayons as a resist.

Try this fun leaf salt painting with watercolors and salt.