Add these fun pumpkin worksheets and printables to your lesson plans this fall! Perfect for kindergarten, preschool and beyond for home or in the classroom. These pumpkin printables cover STEM, Math, literacy, art and more. Tons of pumpkin projects the kids will have a blast trying!



Below you will find fun printable pumpkin projects with full supply lists and step by step instructions.

Instead of downloading and printing out each individual activity, get the complete pumpkin worksheet pack! It includes more than 15 science, STEM and art pumpkin activities to try!

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Pumpkin STEM Challenges

Brand new! Read through this printable Pumpkin Patch STEM adventure story with your kids. It comes with real-life STEM challenges to solve and all the supporting materials you need.

Pumpkin Volcano

Chemistry and pumpkins combine for a unique volcano science activity that kids will want to do again and again!

Pumpkin Oobleck

Classic 2 ingredient oobleck science experiment inside a pumpkin!

Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin

Learn about the pumpkin life cycle with these fun life cycle of a pumpkin worksheets! Find out how many stages there are in growing a pumpkin and the parts of a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Sink Or Float

Easy and fun pumpkin science with a sink or float water activity.

Rolling Pumpkins

Explore simple physics with this pumpkin rolling activity.

Pumpkin Math

Pumpkins really do make awesome theme for hands-on learning. Explore measurement and weight with these pumpkin math worksheets.

Fizzy Pumpkins

Science meets art with a fun baking soda and vinegar reaction!

Black Glue Pumpkins

Black glue is a fun art technique that is perfect for Fall pumpkin art. Easy to do with our printable pumpkin template.

Pumpkin Bubble Wrap Prints

Bubble wrap is definitely more than just a squishy packing material that’s fun for kids to pop! Find out how you can use it to create fun and colorful pumpkin prints for Fall.

Pumpkin Zentangle

Color in these printable pumpkins with relaxing zentangle patterns.

Printable Pumpkin Activities

Have fun with a printable pumpkin maze, word search, crossword puzzle and more! Also, a pumpkin patch scavenger hunt.