Need a taste safe slime recipe? Learn how to make the best edible slime using marshmallows and powdered sugar. This marshmallow slime recipe without cornstarch is much tastier! Our edible slime recipes will have kids smiling, and they are borax free too!


How To Make Slime Without Cornstarch

Stretchy and fun, edible marshmallow slime with powdered sugar is a real treat for kids. My newest rock star slime maker Char came up with this awesome strawberry flavored marshmallow slime, but of course, you can use regular marshmallows too. Even mini marshmallows!

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It all starts with the right slime ingredients, and I don’t mean saline solution and glue! If you need something different from our basic slime recipes with glue, you need candy…

Marshmallows to be exact and powdered sugar. We’ll show you how to make marshmallow slime with marshmallows, powdered sugar, and a little cooking oil for an edible slime treat. Yep, no cornstarch in this recipe!

Everyone can participate in making this borax free slime recipe, but be prepared to get a little messy and sticky (oil helps). Making edible slime is a unique sensory-rich experience for kids of all ages to work on together.



More Fun Things To Do With Candy

Maybe you have a lot of candy hanging around, and want to do something cool with it! We also made a homemade peeps slime which you can see here with a video!

There’s a drawer in our pantry that holds all of our holiday candy, and it can be overflowing after certain times of the year, so we love to have fun with candy science experiments too!

Summertime also means we have bags of marshmallows laying around ready for s’ mores, but I love the idea of trying this marshmallow edible slime recipe with strawberry flavored marshmallows.

It’s a blast to learn how to make edible marshmallow slime with the kids! Get your hands messy too!

Taste Safe or Edible Slime?

These words are used interchangeably, but here are my thoughts. This marshmallow slime recipe is non-toxic, but it’s certainly full of sugar.

We made this slime without cornstarch so that it’s more edible. You can also turn it into marshmallow s’ mores slime!

You can certainly have a taste or two here and there, and this is especially important if you have a kid who likes to put everything in his or her mouth! Do you want to eat the whole lot! Probably not! I like to call these kinds of slime recipes taste-safe.

Marshmallow Slime Recipe

Note: This marshmallow slime starts in the microwave. Adult assistance and supervision is recommended when using a microwave and handling hot materials. The marshmallow mixture will be hot!


  • Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Cooking Oil (as needed)


Let’s get started with our edible slime recipe and see how Char enjoyed making it for us! 

STEP 1. Add 1 packet marshmallows to a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30-sec intervals to melt. You don’t want to overheat them as they will burn!


You can also make this recipe a cup or two of marshmallows at a time.

STEP 2. Remove the bowl carefully from the microwave using potholders as needed. Stir carefully to distribute heat evenly. Heat again if needed.


STEP 3. Add powdered sugar to melted marshmallow mixture. This isn’t an exact science but you can add 1/4 cup at a time if you use the whole bag.

If you try a small batch or about a cups worth of marshmallows, you can start with a tablespoon of powdered sugar.

STEP 4. Mix the marshmallows and powdered sugar thoroughly. Repeat as needed for thickening.


STEP 5. Making marshmallow slime with just marshmallows and powdered sugar is going to be a messy experience! You can help to reduce the stickiness with a touch of cooking oil.

STEP 6. Eventually, you will need to dig your hands into the bowl when the mixture has cooled sufficiently. Our tip is to coat your hands with cooking oil!

No clean hands here, but it washes up easily. Finger licking good.


STEP 7. Go ahead and remove your marshmallow slime from the bowl and place on top of more powdered sugar. You can use a cutting board, cookie sheet, or craft tray to contain the mess!


Continue to knead and play with your marshmallow slime, and incorporate the powdered sugar as needed. You will learn how to make edible marshmallow slime recipe with all your senses!


Squish, squeeze, pull, and stretch your strawberry flavored edible slime! Once you learn how to make edible marshmallow slime recipe, you can experiment with other flavors or candies.

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Our homemade slime also make fun hand putties for fidgety fingers. We make a cool fidget putty that is NOT edible as well.



One of the best parts of our edible slime recipes is the sensory experience for the 5 senses! You can easily talk about the 5 senses related to this marshmallow slime recipe.

This marshmallow slime is visually appealing, and a tactile experience you can also taste and smell! Can you hear slime? You tell me!

How Long Will Marshmallow Slime Last?

Unlike our regular homemade slime recipes, this edible marshmallow slime recipe won’t last as long. Store it in a covered container, and it should be good for another round of play the next day.

Go ahead and try warming it up in the microwave for 10 seconds before you play the next day.

Adults make sure the mixture is cool enough to play with too!

Although edible slime doesn’t last as long, it’s still great fun to try if you love new sensory experiences.


More Fun Edible Slime Recipes To Try

There are more fun ways to make edible slime with candy!

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  4. This is an awesome recipe!! Tastes amazing, and is easy with no glue or activator! 🙂

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