Borax free slime? You bet! Yes, you can you still enjoy the fun of homemade slime without using borax, boric acid, or sodium borate! If you are looking for a borax substitute for making slime, look no further. Here we have removed and replaced the classic slime activators with a range of borax substitutes; gelatin, fiber, marshmallows, and more to create fun slimy recipes just for you! Find out how to make borax free below!

What’s a substitute for borax?

Let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room, borax! In some places borax powder is banned or highly discouraged and that’s fine. There is a ton of controversy surrounding it, and to be honest borax powder slime is my least favorite slime to make. It’s finicky.

Check out a borax free slime video before reading more!

HOWEVER, a lot of people out there, bloggers included, are sharing “safe” alternatives to borax slime by using saline solution or liquid starch. Read below!

However, saline solution, liquid starch and even some contact solutions contain ingredients from the boron family. Therefore none of these products are a good borax substitute. If you have an allergy or a problem with borax, make sure you know the facts before you decide.

With that said, saline solution slime and fluffy slime are my most favorite slime recipes to make. They are so much fun, but hey, they are technically NOT borax free.

Read on to find out what ARE great borax substitutes for slime!

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Borax Slime vs Borax Free Slime

Borax free slime will not necessarily behave or feel like a classic borax slime. The slime will not last as long either, and is best played with on the day it is made. Please don’t be discouraged by the texture or the characteristics of these borax free slimes.

However, the following borax free or non toxic slime recipes are perfect for our littlest scientists. Each slime recipe still contains a bit of science too, since science is chemistry of course!

A chemist will mix several ingredients and form a new substance from the chemical reaction. That’s exactly what these recipes along with our traditional slime recipes are, a new cool substance!

I hope you have a better understanding of what borax free slime recipes really are! Plus, I hope you have found some unique ideas just behind your kitchen cupboard doors!

These borax free slime ideas can’t be beat when you need a little something different to do on a rainy or snowy afternoon. Plus, there’s a always a little science mixed with the cool sensory play.

Prepare to get slimy! Happy experimenting!

Sarah and Liam

Borax Substitutes For Making Slime

All of these ingredients below can be used as a substitute for borax slime. Bonus, the borax free slime you make will be taste safe (not tasty), non toxic, and kind of messy!

Note: I never recommend eating these slimes as a snack. However, if a little is ingested by a curious kid, they will be alright!

Free Marshmallow Fluff Slime Recipe

Borax Free Slime Recipes

Click on each slime below for the full easy to make recipe, and you will enjoying borax free slime in no time at all!


This is one of my favorites because you can get more of a traditional slime consistency. Be aware that although taste safe/edible, there is a lot of fiber powder used and not good for little tummies.


Chia seeds are a great substitute for borax and give this slime a totally unique texture that’s taste safe and borax free!

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A fun taste safe option that uses a classic gelatin product for a fun, smelly, borax free slime recipe.

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Use a fun candy to make cool stretchy slime that’s taste safe too!


This is a taste safe slime that is edible but not all that tasty. Again don’t eat the slime for a snack.

CORNSTARCH SLIME (contains glue, not taste safe)

Not edible or taste safe, but certainly borax free! This is a twist on the classic oobleck goop recipe found below.


There are peeps for every occasion out there, and we try to make a new batch with every change of the holiday! I have both snowman and Valentines’s Day peeps on the counter right now! Taste safe but not tasty!


An edible pudding slime with a cherry theme is a super fun alternative to the classic slime recipes that use borax!


This borax free slime has a soft play dough like consistency and the delicious smell of chocolate pudding. Easy to make, and even easier to play with!

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Pudding Slime


This is more of a cross between a dough and a slime with some movement!


Gross science with fake snot slime! Gelatin is perfect for making a taste safe slime recipe that’s completely borax free.


In addition to the fake snot recipe, we also have a slightly different but taste safe version to try as well.


Another easy to make borax slime with powdered pudding mix.


3 simple pantry ingredients turn into a colorful recognizable stretchy starburst slime that little hands can’t wait to get into!


Our 3 ingredient edible chocolate slime recipe is going to blow your kid’s mind. Why is that? Because we paired it with a s’mores theme for amazing sensory play that’s completely edible.


More Cool Slime Ideas

Of course, if you do want to make the popular stretchy slime here are a few of our most popular slime recipes for you to try.

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