Can you make slime with jello? Yes you can! If you are looking for a borax free slime recipe or a taste safe edible slime we now have a few options for you to check out and experiment with at home or in the classroom! This awesome JELLO slime below is one we really want to share with you.  Read on to find out how to make slime with jello and cornstarch. We have tonnes of cool slime recipes for you to try, so there really is a slime for everyone!


Need a borax free slime alternative recipe or a taste safe edible slime, we now have a few options to check out and experiment with at home or in the classroom. Today, we have a JELLO edible slime recipe to go along with our gummy bear edible slime recipe  I am more of a classic slime kind of gal, but who can resist a bit of tasty sensory play. Our homemade slimes are so diverse now that there is definitely something for everyone! 


Maybe you need a completely borax free slime for one reason! All of the basic slime activators including borax powder, saline or contact solutions, eye drops, and liquid starch all contain borons. These ingredients will be listed as borax, sodium borate, and boric acid. Maybe you just don’t want to use or can’t use these ingredients!

Make a fun taste safe slime with Jello and cornstarch. You may even have what you need already in the pantry! Awesome for younger kids and kids who still like to taste things.

Is Jello slime edible? While Jello slime is taste safe and perfect for a nibble or two, I wouldn’t recommend kids eat large amounts of it.

Kids love the feel of slime. The texture and the consistency make slime a blast for kids to try! If you can’t use any of our basic slime recipes or simply want to try something a little different for cool sensory play, try an edible slime recipe like this one!


There’s a drawer in our pantry that holds all of our holiday candy, and it can be overflowing after certain times of the year, so we love to check out candy science experiments too.

We also have tonnes of fun edible science experiments  that kids will love and the best thing is they use simple ingredients you can usually find in your kitchen cupboards.  Plus check out our collection of easy food activities for kids.


Here’s what my friend has to say about this cool JELLO slime…

We’ve been making slime since my daughter was 3 years old – past the tasting phase but still young enough to not be super adept at hand washing. While we occasionally made edible slimes back then, there is a whole new world of edible slimes available today! Check out this cranberry slime she made too!

They are not the “exact same” consistency as a glue-based slime, but they are are even more fun because kids can sneak little tastes!

Also, you can let the younger kids get involved without worry – and there’s no issues at parties or playdates where a mom might insist on borax-free slime.

I tried this recipe two ways – with a half Tablespoon of regular JellO and sugar-free JellO and I noticed two differences that made me prefer the sugar-free version.

First, the regular JellO dissolved differently and made the mixture softer and less cohesive. It was fun but if you prefer a “solid slime” this wasn’t it – and you’d have to play overtop of a bin or tray.

Second, the regular JellO stained my hands – and I’m sure would stain kids’ clothing. The sugar-free JellO stained my hands a little bit but not nearly as much (and washed away after two hand washings).

It didn’t stain my table surface either, whereas I was afraid to let the regular JellO Slime touch my table!

Jello Slime and Edible Slime Recipe for Kids



  • 1 Cup Cornstarch
  • 1 Package Sugar-Free Jello (any brand flavored gelatin)
  • 3/4 Cup Warm Water (as needed)
  • Cookie Sheet or Tray (to keep table surface clean)

Make jello edible slime recipe supplies


1. Combine the cornstarch and Jello powder together until fully mixed.

Jello edible slime recipe with flavored gelatin packet

2. Add 1/4 or so of the water and stir well. When the mixture becomes impossible to stir, add further 1/4 cup of water.

Jello edible slime recipe with cornstarch

3. At this point most of the cornstarch should be mixed in so start kneading in 1 tablespoon of water at a time until the mixture can “stretch” or droop a bit.

TIP: Make sure to add the water slowly so you don’t end up making oobleck!

Oobleck is also extremely fun and cool science, so make sure to give that activity a try too!

Mixing up Jello edible slime recipe

4. After playing with your jello slime, store in a container in the fridge and just add more water if needed to soften for subsequent play.

How to make edible jello slime recipe that's also a cool slime dough

SLIME MAKING NOTE: As mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind that these edible slime recipes won’t necessarily behave like a typical slime recipe made with chemical activators. They are still tons of fun and great for kids sensory play!


Jello edible slime recipe and sensory dough for kids

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