How do you fill your stockings for Christmas? What better way to fill a stocking than with fun LEGO items. I know our son’s stocking will have plenty of LEGO stocking stuffers stuffed inside. LEGO doesn’t just have fun sets to build, but you can also find great LEGO stocking stuffers for building as well LEGO themed items. Check out our list of awesome LEGO stocking stuffers for all ages to enjoy!

The Best LEGO Stocking Stuffers for All Ages

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All photos lead to Amazon for your convenience. Read up on each item and see similar themes for each of the items. I do receive small compensation for any items purchased through this site as an Amazon Affiliate.

You are under no obligation to purchase anything. Simply enjoy our list of favorite LEGO stocking stuffers.

First, Start off right with a LEGO Stocking!

Use a LEGO storage pot as your own cool LEGO stocking! Then after the fun of Christmas is over, you have a great pick and go storage bag for your LEGO collection.

LEGO Pencil Pot

Create the perfect parking place for all your pens, pencils and ruler etc. with this cool LEGO stocking stuffer.  It even has its own garage and garden area!

LEGO Pencils and Sharpener

Colored pencils with LEGO brick toppers.  Attach your favorite minifigures!  Perfect for any LEGO fan!

LEGO Pencil Case

LEGO Watch

Great deal for a watch and 1 to 2 mini-figures depending on the theme. Our Star Wars watch came with both Obi Wan and Darth Vader!

Mini LEGO Creator Sets

There are quite a few of these mini options for $5!

LEGO Key Chains

So many different characters to choose from with a mini flashlight too.

LEGO Minifigure Packs

You just never know what you will get! Lots of series to choose from too.

LEGO Utensils

LEGO Mixels

My son loves these crazy little guys. All three combined form one big mixed, so I do suggest buying all three in the set if you can!

LEGO Wallet

I just went ahead and added one to my shopping cart. My son is old enough to hold a few dollars, so now is a good time to start with a little money management!

Go ahead and stuff your loved one’s stocking with LEGO….

Best LEGO Stocking Stuffers for Kids


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