Learn all about color with this FREE printable color wheel activity. Use the printable color wheel worksheets to create the primary and secondary colors. A simple way to explore color, one of the 7 elements of art, that’s so easy to do! Encourage their creativity today with budget-friendly supplies and easy art ideas!


Explore The Color Wheel For Art

Color has to be one of the most fun aspects of creating art. It may be the element of art that has the strongest effect on our emotions. Color is great for creating the mood and atmosphere of an artwork.

Whether you consider the hue of the color (red, green, blue, etc.), the value (how light or dark it is), and intensity (how bright or dull it is). Colors can be described as warm (red, yellow) or cool (blue, gray), depending on which end of the color spectrum they fall.

Learn more about color with our printable color wheel activity. Follow the step by step instructions to create your own primary and secondary colors. Plus, check out the helpful art resources available at the end!

The Importance Of Doing Art With Kids

Children are naturally curious. They observe, explore, and imitate, trying to figure out how things work and how to control themselves and their environments. This freedom of exploration helps children form connections in their brain, it helps them learn—and it’s also fun!

Art is a natural activity to support this essential interaction with the world. Kids need the freedom to explore and experiment creatively.

Art projects allow children to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life but also for learning. These include the aesthetic, scientific, interpersonal, and practical interactions that can be discovered through the senses, intellect, and emotions.

Making and appreciating art involves emotional and mental faculties!

Art, whether making it, learning about it, or simply looking at it – offers a wide range of important experiences. In other words, it’s good for them!

Check out these helpful art ideas…

What Is A Color Wheel?

What is the color wheel? A color wheel is a way of organizing colors by how they relate to each other. It is based around the colors, red, yellow, and blue.

These colors when mixed create all other colors, and are called the primary colors. By mixing the primary colors together you get the secondary colors, which are green, orange, and violet.

The first color wheel was presented by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century when he first discovered the visible spectrum of light. He basically helped us understand light, and why we see the colors in rainbows.

Why Teach the Color Wheel?

Teaching kids about the color wheel for art offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the realm of artistic expression. First, it helps kids develop a fundamental understanding of color theory to mix and match colors effectively. Learning about the color wheel promotes problem-solving skills as children experiment with color combinations and discover how to achieve the desired shades. It also enhances their observation and critical thinking abilities as they become more attuned to the colors in their environment.

Moreover, understanding the color wheel can be applied to many aspects of life, not just art. It can be helpful in interior design, fashion, and even making everyday choices like selecting complementary colors for personal belongings. Teaching kids about the color wheel equips them with practical knowledge and skills, making it a valuable part of the overall art experience.

Mixing Colors With Non-Toxic Paint

Create your own homemade paint and use for the color wheel activity below. Whip up budget-friendly art supplies that are non-toxic and washable! Some of our favorite homemade paint recipes are…

Get Your Free Printable Color Wheel Worksheets!

Want to get started with teaching the color wheel but don’t know where to start? Grab this free color wheel activity pack to get started!

Printable Color Wheel Activity


  • Art Paper 
  • Art Supplies (varied depending on what you have and want to use)
  • Printable Color Wheel Activity Pack

How To Make A Color Wheel

Download our free printable color wheel activity and follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own color wheel.

Mix colors with paint (an easy way to do it), watercolor pencils, or other art supplies! You can also learn more about color mixing here.


More Fun Color Activities

When you finish this color wheel activity, why not explore the element of color with one of these art projects below?

Make a color wheel with skittles paint

Explore color with this color mixing activity.

Create one or more of these colorful Pop Art projects.

Make a colorful painting inspired by famous artist, Bronwyn Bancroft.

Bonus: Color Science Experiments

Explore color science with kids as well! You can find all our color science experiments here!

Make a color wheel spinner and demonstrate how you can make white light from different colors.

Take the Stroop Test for a fun color science activity.

Explore refraction of light when you make rainbows using a variety of simple supplies.

Make a DIY spectroscope and split visible light into the colors of the spectrum.


Helpful Art Resources For Kids

Below, you will find many easy and hands-on art projects for kids.

Printable Famous Artist Bundle

You’ll find each of our famous artists featured in our Famous Artists Project Pack 👇  including tons of fantastic resources!

This bundle includes a variety of art packs to cover different areas of the art experience! Perfect for ages 5-12, with various activities to suit all age levels. Easy to use in the home or classroom.


  • Famous Artists Project Pack with 25+ artists to explore past and present, including women, people of color, and indigenous peoples.
  • Artists Challenge Pack: Various extra art projects, including a museum scavenger hunt and extras.
  • 7 Elements of Art Pack: Learn about and explore the 7 elements of art with handy information, tips, and fun projects to try.
  • Art and Playdough Pack: Make homemade playdough and use these art mats with kids of all ages featuring famous artists with simple information.
  • Art Techniques Pack: Learn watercolor, collage, and printmaking techniques for your art projects. Complete with information, tips, and activities to try!