This is the number one St. Patrick’s Day activity out there: Building a Leprechaun Trap! Have you ever wanted to catch a leprechaun? My son sure has! If you missed our post on easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas, make sure to check it out for inspiration. Kick-off your leprechaun trap building session by putting together a Leprechaun trap kit! All this month we will be holding a STEM-inspired Countdown To St Patricks Day.

Build A Leprechaun Trap Kit STEM Activity

Building A Leprechaun Trap Kit St Patricks Day STEM Activity for Kids


Get ready to add this simple STEM activity to your St. Patrick’s Day lesson plans this season. If you want to learn a bit about the STEM design process, let’s dig in.  While you’re at it, make sure to check out these other fun St. Patricks Day STEM activities.

Our science activities and experiments are designed with you, the parent or teacher, in mind!  Easy to set up, quick to do, most activities will take only 15 to 30 minutes to complete and are heaps of fun!  Plus, our supplies lists usually contain only free or cheap materials you can source from home!

We love to design, engineer, and build all sorts of things for all the holidays and seasons. Plus, you don’t have to just use recyclables either. We have tried even built a LEGO leprechaun trap!

Check out our Mini Leprechaun Trap and Garden in the video below:


We’ve built a LEGO leprechaun trap kit but sadly we did not catch a wee little fellow as my son had hoped. He started asking early this year about a new Leprechaun trap design. We spent some time talking about ideas, and he came up with a new plan.

Make sure to check out our updated Leprechaun Trap Building Resource Here.


Once you have some ideas in mind, you need to get to work gathering supplies. This is where the leprechaun trap kit comes in handy!

I created a tray filled with materials to help get him started. Our leprechaun trap bait is skittles, but we will pick those up closer to St. Patrick’s Day eve. I imagine either my little leprechaun or big leprechaun (husband) will have eaten them all by then if I buy them too soon.

This type of set up is fun to do for the start of each holiday season. Look ahead to our Easter tinker basket for ideas!

Leprechaun Trap Kit St Patricks Day STEM idea for building leprechaun traps

Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy STEM challenges. 

St Patricks Day STEM Challenge Cards


Make sure to read through our Ultimate Leprechaun Trap Building Guide for all of our helpful hints and suggestions. Also, grab the FREE STEM cards above and find a handy list of materials for building your own trap kit!

Containers: I set out a few different size boxes for him to test out including a shoebox, a tissue box, and an oatmeal container.

Make sure to take a look in the recycling bin, junk drawer, or craft draws if you have one! Or set out a box of LEGO and see what they come up with! See our LEGO leprechaun trap here.


  • Leprechaun’s Black Pot
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Beads
  • Sticks
  • Cupcake Liners
  • Fake Gold Coins
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Rainbow Popsicle Sticks
  • Shiny Green Craft Tape (or themed tapes)
  • Zip Ties
  • Small Clothes Line Pulley
  • Washers and Nuts
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Leprechaun Bait such as Skittles
  • Leprechaun Trap Pack (included in our NEW St. Patricks Day STEM Pack)

Build A Simple Leprechaun Trap Kit for Kids

This is an awesome STEM activity that kids of multiple ages can enjoy together. It also makes a fun family time activity or classroom project. We will set our trap out the night before St. Patrick’s Day and see what happens! Make sure to check out our easy Leprechaun Traps post for some very clever ideas to get in the mood!

Save some of those skittles for this: Classic Skittles Candy Science Rainbow

Leprechaun Trap Kit Supplies for STEM

Follow along with our 17 Days of St Patricks Day STEM Countdown!



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