Welcome to spring with this St Patrick’s Day science and STEM challenge countdown! Do something different this season with fun science experiments and a holiday theme! Our St Patrick’s Day science activities are a fun twist on classic science experiments and STEM activities and are great for preschoolers to middle school!

St Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

Below you will find a mix of St Patrick’s Day experiments, activities, and STEM challenges organized by theme. These St Patrick’s Day activities are sure to keep your kids busy this March.


Leprechauns are such mischievous and magical little guys, so we have never actually gotten a good look at one. Usually, you see leprechauns as little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who love to cause mischief. No leprechauns are not real but still they are a fun way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Try and catch a leprechaun with one of these awesome Leprechaun Trap Ideas. Includes free printable planning page.

Put together your own DIY Leprechaun Trap Kits for fun building.

Build a Mini Garden Leprechaun Trap or a LEGO Leprechaun Trap.


Grab some leprechaun confetti and add to our our favorite clear slime.

Have a go at this printable Leprechaun Magic Cube Puzzle.

Solve the code with our St Patrick’s Day leprechaun puzzle worksheets.


Set up a Leprechaun Balloon Rocket to explore forces in motion.

Add our leprechaun printable to the side of the balloon and watch him fly towards your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

St Patricks Day balloon rocket STEM set upPin

Pots of Gold

Gold is the color of the coins in a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Is there a leprechaun guarding the pot o’ gold? Either way make sure to include a little bit of gold in your St Patrick’s Day activities.

Polish Coins {pennies}for your leprechaun.

Try a fun sink or float St Patrick’s Day STEM challenge.

St Patricks Day Sink Float Science Experiment with PenniesPin

Set up a St Patrick’s Day Oobleck Treasure Hunt.

Add gold coins to water for a fun St Patrick’s Day Ice Melting Activity. Easy science for preshoolers!

St Patricks Day Ice Melting Activity Coin HuntPin

Make your own Pot O’ Gold Glitter Slime

Send lucky gold charms flying with a St Patrick’s Day Catapult.

St patricks Day Popsicle Stick CatapultPin

Can you use only a balloon to pick up paper gold coins? It’s all to do with static electricity! Read more about static electricity here.



Why is green related to St Patrick’s Day? Some say people believed wearing green would make them invisible to leprechauns. The color green is closely associated with Ireland, the Irish, and St. Patrick’s Day.

Make one of these green colored science discovery bottles to explore viscosity, magnetism and more.

Try this fun green Color Changing Carnations experiment for St Patrick’s Day science.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with these green slime recipes…

Green Glitter Slime

St Patrick’s Day Green Slime

St Patrick’s Day Fluffy Slime


Ever tried to find a lucky shamrock? What are shamrocks? Shamrocks are the young sprigs of the clover plant or trefoil. They are also a symbol of Ireland and are a fun theme for St Patrick’s Day.

Grow crystal shamrocks with pipe cleaners and a borax solution.


Add a shamrock cookie cutter and green food coloring to a St Patrick’s Day magic milk experiment.

St Patricks Day Magic MilkPin


Rainbows are another great theme for St Patrick’s Day activities for kids. Rainbows are a well known symbol of Ireland. Ireland has a lot of rain and sunshine, which makes for tons of rainbows! Rainbows make people think of hope and blessing in the Irish culture.

Make shimmery, magical slime in a rainbow of colors.

Combine art and science with this easy coffee filter rainbow craft.


Build A LEGO Rainbow

Grow Rainbow Crystals with a supersaturated borax solution.

Our Skittles Rainbow Experiment makes for fun St Patrick’s Day science.

St Patricks Day Skittles RainbowPin
Rainbow Skittles

Have fun with light and refraction when you explore rainbow prisms.

Set up a rainbow water xylophone experiment.

St Patricks Day STEM Activity and Sound Science for Physics with KidsPin

We hope you have found a few activities to try! Countdown with us and ensure your leprechaun trap is ready for the night before St Patrick’s Day. They are pretty tricky little men, though, to catch!

Watch the Video:

FREE printable St Patrick’s Day STEM activities!

First, you can start by printing out these unique St. Patrick’s Day guide and challenge cards that include all sorts of great science and STEM-inspired projects, activities, and experiments.

You could place each one in a small black leprechaun’s pot! This is also a great idea for the older kids who need less supervision or assistance but like to have an idea to get started with instead.

Helpful STEM Resources

Here are a few resources that will help you introduce STEM more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident yourself when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

More Fun Ways To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Check out these ideas…

Printable St Patrick’s Day STEM Pack

Get ready to catch a Leprechaun, explore fizzy pots, and dig for gold coin oobleck all while exploring simple science and engineering design process with the St Patrick’s Day STEM Pack!

Over 100 pages of easy-to-use STEM activities will make your prep and planning time a cinch! Cheap supplies, easy to set up and clean up, and full of hands-on fun!

  • 25+ St. Patrick’s Day science activities and STEM projects for kids that are easy to set up and fit into your available time, even if it’s limited!
  • Printable leprechaun theme STEM activities that are simple but engaging for home or classroom. Perfect for K-2 and beyond but easily adaptable to many skill levels.


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