St. Patrick’s Day is a neat day to celebrate with kids and there are several traditional St Patrick’s Day activities to try out including building a LEGO leprechaun trap. I love to think of new LEGO building ideas for us to try each time a new holiday or season rolls around! We already have an awesome collection of St. Patrick’s Day and rainbow science ideas to keep you busy playing and learning!Why not build a LEGO leprechaun trap too!



Build A LEGO Leprechaun Trap

All you need is your own bin of LEGO blocks and a base plate! If you have fun accessories like nets or gold bricks from various sets, go ahead and dig them out. I bet the kids will know where they all are! Do you have a LEGO leprechaun? There’s one out there!

You could also use Duplo blocks for this fun LEGO challenge too if you are doing it with a younger kiddo! My son built this LEGO leprechaun trap with some assistance! He added a special hinged trap feature that required him to put on his engineering hat!

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It’s also incredible to watch the growth in the design of the leprechaun traps as your kids get older! Make sure to snap a photo of each!

Getting started with your LEGO leprechaun trap

Let’s continue the St. Patrick’s Day celebration by designing and building a LEGO Leprechaun Trap! My son has been obsessed with thinking up ways to trap a leprechaun. This is our first go at building a LEGO leprechaun trap. I hope we can catch one!

Lego Leprechaun Trap Scene Lego build challenge Pot of Gold Lego FlowerPin


—> Make sure to check out our main resource page for Leprechaun Traps here.

The first task is to figure out what sort of basic structure you are going to build. You can use this free design page to get started.

There are so many amazing benefits associated with LEGO play. Building with LEGO is one of the best early childhood learning tools you can use. We have used our bricks in dozens of ways that don’t require specialty pieces or a huge collection.

—> Add this FREE fun printable project planner to your Leprechaun trap building session!



Add one or all of these fun elements to your leprechaun trap! We also added Skittles for leprechaun bait. One year he painted pebbles gold!

  • Build a ladder.
  • Build a rainbow.
  • Build a pot of gold.
  • Create a whole scene around the leprechaun trap complete with trees or flowers!
  • Build a maze the leprechaun has to travel through to reach the gold!

Lego leprechaun trap with roof on hingesPin

Now to hide some gold!

My son created this cute little pot of gold all by himself and decided to put it on a spinning plate (not necessary as you can build it on the base plate too).

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Next, he filled it with gold or “fake gold” to lure the leprechaun into the leprechaun trap! Remember, leprechauns love rainbows, and you could add a LEGO rainbow to your trap as well.

Lego Leprechaun Lego Pot of GoldPin


The question is… How do you pull the roof down to trap the leprechaun? Why not attach a string to the top of the roof plate with a handle! Grab a piece of netting too. There are tons of creative ways you can go about it.

This is a great opportunity to encourage your kids to use their critical thinking skills, come up with solutions, test the ideas, and rework the ideas as needed! This is what a good STEM project is all about.

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My son said this LEGO guy needs to be in camouflage to catch the leprechaun in the leprechaun trap. He’s also hiding behind the flower.

Lego Leprechaun Trap Minifigure with Net and stringPin

The LEGO leprechaun trap has sprung. I wonder if we caught him. The adventure is in building the trap to catch him anyway. A fun idea for the adults to do is leave a few chocolate gold coins by the trap after the kids go to bed.


Your LEGO leprechaun trap doesn’t have to have specialty pieces, be fancy, or elaborate! Encourage the thought process and the building challenge with your kids! It makes for a great family fun night or an independent project for older kids too!


While you have the bricks out, you can check out even more fun LEGO challenges to engage your budding engineers and designers. I love how hands-on LEGO can be! You don’t need fancy bricks, but you will need a few simple household supplies.

Look for our printable LEGO challenge calendar too!

Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges?

We have you covered…

Click to get your free St Patricks Day STEM challenges.

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  1. How do U guys organize all your Lego pieces???? We have tons of sets that get dismantled as soon as their built then all the random pieces just start to pile up. It’s a shame b/c we’ve spent a lot of time building and figuring things out. Also have younger sibling that will be starting to build soon, but just not sure how to organize and make use of all the spare parts. Please help!

  2. Check out our post on LEGO storage. Use the search bar and you should find it! It’s tough!

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