If your lessons call for exploring space and the galaxy, add this free printable color-by-number activity to your plans for quick math practice while exploring science. That’s STEM! You’ll find two different free space color by number packs below. The first space pack is basic number sense, and the second space math activity includes improper fractions! Get them both below and look at the hands-on space activities all ages will enjoy!


What does the Study of Space Include?

Astronomy is included under the branch of science known as Earth Science. It’s the study of the Earth and everything in the universe beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, including the sun, moon, planets, stars, and much more. You’ll find various activities below for each of these. More areas of Earth Science include the following:

More Space Activities

Here are more printables and hands-on ways to explore space! Make sure to check out our complete Space Activities collection here. You’ll find even more activities than the ones listed below, including craters, a star’s life cycle, atmosphere layers, and more!

Free Space Color By Number: Basic Number Sense

Color by number and reinforce basic number sense and colors!

Space Color By Number

Free Space Color By Number: Fractions

Color by fractions by converting mixed fractions to improper fractions!

Space Math Color By Fraction

Color By Number Printables

Color by number sheets are fun for younger kids and are a great math activity to work on recognizing and reading colors, numbers, and their names. We have a variety of color-by-number activities that feature various math skills but mainly basic number sense.

Printable Space Projects Pack

With 250+ pages of hands-on fun space-themed fun, you can easily explore classic space themes with your kiddos, including moon phases, constellations, the solar system, and of course, the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing with Neil Armstrong.

⭐️ Activities include supply lists, instructions, and step-by-step pictures. Also Includes FULL Space Camp Week. ⭐️

Celebrate the 1969 lunar landing with easy-to-do activities at home, with groups, at camp, or in the classroom. Read up on this famous event and learn more about Neil Armstrong as well.

  • Moon STEAM activities combine science, technology, engineering, art, and math with supply lists, set up and process photos, and science information. Craters, fizzy moon rocks, edible moon phases, watercolor galaxies, a DIY planetarium, bottle rocket, and so MUCH MORE!
  • Printable Moon STEM challenges that are simple but engaging for home or classroom. Also included, is a Moon theme STEM Story with challenges perfect for going on a STEM adventure inside or outside!
  • Moon phases & Constellation activities include charting moon phases, oreo moon phases, moon phases mini book, and more!
  • Solar System activities include a solar system lapbook template and plenty of information to learn about the solar system and beyond!
  • Moon extras include I-Spy, algorithm game, binary code project, 3D rocket building, thaumatropes, and MORE!