Create simple specimen bottles with these backyard nature sensory bottles. Right now spring is an awesome mix of old and new. Our backyard is in multiple stages of new growth. We have a lovely mix of flowering shrubs and trees, budding leaves, and evergreens. We are still waiting on our Wisteria vines but their seed pods are so cool. Explore Spring science in your own backyard!



I do love Spring science activities, and we do all love to get back outside after being stuck inside too much this Winter. Spring is also the perfect time to explore Earth sciences like plants, soil, and weather.

Nature science can include the observation, collection, examination, and identification of plants right around where you live. We took a walk around our backyard, clipped some samples, dug up some dirt, and observed all the different kinds of plant growth happening.

What will you find in your backyard to add to your nature bottles? Discovery or science bottles are a cool way to explore the senses. These science discovery bottles would be a great activity for a group setting for many kids to use. Perfect for home or school!


To make your nature discovery bottles, simple gather and fill. We do prefer the VOSS water bottles for their ease of viewing the contents inside them. We reuse ours over and over again like we did with these science discovery bottles. Make your own specimen bottles for further examination.

Pull out a local guide book or check out the internet to identify the plants, trees, and flowers in your backyard. Don’t have a backyard? Go on a hike or borrow a friend’s backyard!

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Grab a magnifying glass, sift through the dirt, and enjoy the beauty in nature.

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