Springtime is the perfect time to explore Spring STEM activities and plant science experiments for kids. Whether you are interested in the weather, how plants grow, the bugs around you, or the spectrum of colors in a rainbow, you will find a fantastic list of resources below. Plus, you’ll find many free printables, including our reader-favorite Spring STEM Challenge Cards! Additionally, the month of March is Women in STEM!

What STEM Activities are Good for Spring?

These awesome spring STEM activities below are great for a range of kids from preschool to elementary and even middle school.

Most spring STEM activities can be adapted to fit your kids’ unique interests, needs, and abilities with just a bit of tweaking.  You can make all these spring STEM activities and plant experiments work for you! If you have kids who love to explore, discover, get dirty, create, tinker, and build, this is the STEM resource for you!

Easy Every Day Spring STEM Activities

Kids can keep a journal to observe many different things during the spring season:

  • Measure and track plant growth of annual flowers that are starting to regrow
  • Track and chart the weather and graph sunny days versus windy days vs. rainy days
  • Go on a spring scavenger hunt (free printable) and observe changes that you can see, hear, and smell.
  • Start a collection of rocks with this Be a Collector Mini Pack and learn how to be a collector.
  • Dig up a soil-filled bin and examine it with a magnifying glass.
  • Collect a water sample from a nearby pond and use a magnifying glass to see what you can see!
  • Gather leaves and other natural materials and create a collage or trace them around them in a sketch pad! You can even cut a leaf in half, glue it down and draw in the other half for practice in symmetry!
  • Printable Spring STEM challenges

Printable Spring STEM Challenges and Cards

Do you use STEM challenges in the classroom or at home? This free printable spring STEM challenges mini pack is a fantastic addition to your spring theme lessons and makes a terrific resource to have on hand!

Spring STEM Challenge Cards

Spring STEM Activities List

The spring STEM activities listed below incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math as much as possible. A good STEM activity generally tries to incorporate two or more of the STEM pillars. You might also know about STEAM, which adds a fifth pillar, art!

You will also find fun ways to take STEM outside as the weather warms up! Most projects have a free printable to check out or go ahead and grab our 300+ Page Spring STEM Pack!

Plant Cell STEAM Project

Explore plant cells with an art project. Combine science and art for STEAM and create a hands-on plant activities unit this spring. Free printable template included!

Plant Cell Collage

Parts of a Flower STEAM Project

This is another fantastic combination of art and science that kiddos can easily do at home or in the classroom with everyday materials. Spend a few minutes or an hour with this flower collage project. Free printable template included!

Parts of a Flower Collage

Parts of a Flower Dissection Activity

Get hands-on and take apart a real flower to explore the parts of a flower. Add the free printable coloring page to extend the learning!

Parts of a Flower Dissection

DIY Recycle Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Learn all about what a greenhouse does and how it helps plants grow by creating your own greenhouse from a recycled water bottle! Grab the free life cycles of a plant pack too!

DIY Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Water Filtration Engineering Project

How do you filter water? Design and engineer a water filtration setup for earth science and combine it with learning about the water cycle!

Water Filtration lab

Windmill STEM Project

This is a great example of a wind-powered STEM challenge or engineering project that kiddos can take in their own direction!

Wind-Powered STEM Challenge

DIY Spectroscope Project

Explore a spectrum of colors with a homemade spectroscope and create a rainbow!

DIY Spectroscope

DIY Lemon Battery

Make a battery from a lemon and a circuit, and see what you can power!

Lemon Battery Circuit

Set Up an Anemometer

Make a DIY anemometer to explore weather and wind science with common household supplies!


Make a Cloud Viewer

Kids can craft a cloud viewer to take outside and write down or draw the types of clouds in the sky! Includes a free printable to help you get started!

Cloud Viewer

Set up the Outdoor Square Foot Project

This one-square-foot activity is fun for a group of kids or a classroom to set up outside on a nice spring day to explore nature! Loof for the free printable guide to go along with the project.

One Square Foot STEM Project

Make a Sun Dial

DIY Sun Dial

Learn About Capillary Action

Capillary action can be observed in many ways with and without using flowers or celery, but they can be fun to use too! Read more about capillary action and how it brings nutrients from a plant’s roots up to the top!

Bug Shape Pattern Blocks

Younger kiddos will enjoy building bugs with these printable bug shape pattern block cards that use a classic early learning material, pattern blocks. Plus, we’ve included a printable set of the blocks and black-and-white versions of the insects. Incorporate math and science!

Insect Observations and Activities

Learn about and explore insects in your backyard with this easy-to-use, free printable insects pack.

Insects Activity Pack

Explore Biomes

What type of biome is closest to yours? Learn about the different biomes in the world for quick earth science and create a free biome lapbook in the process! Additionally, you can download these free LEGO Habitat Building Challenges.

How To Make A Solar Oven

Make a sun oven or solar cooker for melting s’mores. No campfire is needed with this engineering classic! From shoe boxes to pizza boxes, the choice of materials is up to you.

Solar Oven STEM Challenge

How To Make A Kite

A good breeze and a few materials are all you need to tackle this DIY Kite spring STEM project at home, with a group or in the classroom!

DIY Kite

Build an Insect Hotel

Build a simple bug house, bug hotel, insect hotel or whatever you want to call it for your backyard!  Take science outside and explore the world of insects with a DIY insect hotel.

Build An Insect Hotel

Build a Bee Habitat

Bees need a home too! Building a bee habitat gives these super special insects a place to live so they can pollinate all season happily!

Bee Hotel

More Weather Activities

More Plant Activities

Life Cycle Lapbooks

We have a fantastic collection of ready-to-print lapbooks here that include everything you need for spring as well as throughout the year. Spring themes include bees, butterflies, frogs, and flowers.

Printable Spring Pack

If you’re looking to grab all of the printables in one convenient place plus exclusives with a spring theme, our 300+ page Spring STEM Project Pack is what you need!

Weather, geology, plants, life cycles, and more!

More STEM Activity Resources