Are you ready to get outside? If you’ve been cooped up for far too long or even if you need to add new ideas to your existing outdoor time, nature is filled with possibilities for amazing science and STEM activities! Keep the kids busy and give them something to work on this season with these FREE nature activities and printables! From STEM to science to sensory play, get the kids off screens and encourage them to invent, design, and engineer their own worlds. STEM activities are perfect all year round!


Put Together a Nature Theme

Use the change of seasons and our easy seasonal themes such as exploring nature, as a way to try out STEM challenges with your kids at home or in the classroom.

I made these printable nature STEM Cards and outdoor learning activities to go along with our current collection of nature activities for kids. All you need to do is print and enjoy! Do you need easy ideas for the kids? Find them right here!

Many of our printable STEM challenge cards and activities are open for interpretation, imagination, and creativity. That’s a big part of what STEM is all about! Ask a question, come up with solutions, design, test, and retest!

I want these printable nature activities to be a simple way to have fun with your kids. They can also be used in the classroom as easily as they can be used at home.  Also great for a range of age groups, from preschoolers to elementary.

Nature Worksheets!

Explore nature with STEM. These FREE nature activities below are perfect for engaging kids in the wonders of the great outdoors! Includes…

  • Outdoor STEM Challenges
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt (2 Versions)
  • Nature Activities List (with Clickable Links)
  • Nature Projects with Pinecones and Sticks

Also, make sure to check out our COMPLETE NATURE THEME activities pack with 100+ pages of fantastic nature exploration from our SHOP.

Click here for your FREE nature activities pack!

Fun Nature Activities for Kids

Here are my reader nature activities favorites right now! You will also find clickable links in the free PDF in the pack above! Stick it on the fridge to remind you to try a new activity.

Also, make sure to check out Fun Things To Do Outside. You’ll find homemade bubbles, sidewalk paint, and more!

Start Nature Collections

Spend your week building a nature collection whether it’s rocks or shells or pinecones, use this handy pack to learn all about how to get started with collections and how to expand on the collection theme with fun activities. Click here or on the image below.

Printable Nature Activities Pack

Take this nature pack outdoors for hands-on learning!

  • Nature theme writing prompts make for the start of a fantastic outdoor, nature journal.
  • Explore nature-themed STEM challenges that encourage your kiddos to use supplies found in nature and natural materials to complete.
  • Discover the birds in your backyard, and learn how to make different kinds of kid-friendly bird feeders.
  • Observe a favorite flower or leaf, and go on a scavenger hunt or two!
  • Discover how to set up a one-square-foot backyard jungle project.
  • Explore what it’s like to be a collector and set up your own collection.
  • Explore the senses outside
  • Simple leaf science activities with leaves including leaf rubbing, how do leaves breathe, and leaf drawing.
  • Start a seed jar and observe how a plant grows even under the ground!
  • Build an insect hotel for your garden using natural and found materials.

BONUS: Pinecone Pack included!



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