Create these fun and easy St Patrick’s Day theme science discovery bottles to explore science concepts with kids of all ages! We had a blast making these discovery bottles or sensory bottles for our 17 Day STEM Countdown Calendar. 

Engaging Science Discovery Bottles For St Patrick’s Day!

St Patricks Day Science Discovery Bottles STEM Activity for Kids

Try this awesome science activity for kids! Make St Patrick’s Day science discovery bottles and discover science. Grab a few of these cool bottles and reuse them for different seasons, holidays, and themes. Simple science in a bottle is a great mess-free way to explore and discover new ideas.


This activity makes 6 different science discovery bottles. I found a 6 pack of VOSS plastic water bottles at the store the other day and thought they would make an awesome pack of science discovery bottles.

BOTTLE 1: Glitter Discovery Bottle

BOTTLE 2: Density Discovery Bottle

BOTTLE 3: Viscosity Discovery Bottle

BOTTLE 4: Viscosity/Suspension Discovery Bottle

BOTTLE 5: Magnetic Discovery Bottle {no water}

BOTTLE 6: Magnetic Discovery Bottle {with water}

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  • VOSS Plastic Water Bottles {or other plastic water bottles}
  • Glitter Glue
  • Glitter
  • Baby Oil
  • Food Coloring
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Corn Syrup
  • Pony Beads and/or Pennies
  • Magnet Kit {optional to create 6th bottle or you can fill with other magnetic/non-magnetic items
  • Green Magnetic Wand and Green Magnetic chips {great value!}
  • Pipe Cleaners, Straws, and Paper Clips


We love an easy glitter science discovery bottle or sensory bottle! Simply empty a container of glitter glue into a bottle and fill the rest of the way with water. I prefer room temp water to speed the mixing process. Add more glitter as desired. The dollar store also has glitter and glue. Cap it and shake it.

Also, a lesson in suspension science.  What happens after you shake the bottle? What does the glitter do and why?

St patricks Day Glitter Science Discovery Bottle Sensory

Easy to make glitter science discovery bottle is also a great sensory calm down tool for kids and adults.

Make a glitter science sensory bottle calm down activity


Oil and water experiment is a classic! Do oil and water mix together? Check out this science discovery bottle to find the answer.

I like to use baby oil because it’s clear, but you can also use regular cooking oil. fill a bottle half way with the oil. Mix up a container of water with green food coloring. Use and eye dropper to squeeze droplets of green water into the bottle.

What happens? After you add more water, shake the bottle. What happens?

St patricks Day Science Discovery Bottle Oil Water Density Activity

Simple oil and water science discovery bottle is the perfect kitchen science experiment for kids!

Make oil and water science discovery bottle explore density


Top Bottle: This science discovery bottle explore viscosity, or the resistance of a liquid to flow, as well as suspension.  Suspension refers to particles in the liquid being big enough to settle out.

Fill a bottle 2/3 full with corn syrup. Drop in objects such as pennies and pony beads. Check out how they move through the liquid. What happens? Watch the liquid move. Does it move fast or slow?

Bottom Bottle: This science discovery bottle also explores viscosity. Squeeze a bottle of cheap hair conditioner into the bottle. Add green food coloring. What happens? What happens if you add a little water?

St Patricks Day Science Bottles Exploring Viscosity and Suspension Corn Syrup Conditioner

St Patrick’s Day themed science discovery bottles are fun to leave out for kids to explore or set them as small group stations in a classroom!

Corn syrup science discovery bottle to explore viscosity and suspension


Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

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St Patricks Day STEM Challenge Cards

St Patricks Day Science Discovery Bottles and STEM Activity for kids


Bottom Left Bottle: This bottle is filled with green colored water. To the water I added magnetic items from one of our favorite magnetic science kits. Add a magnetic wand. What happens when you bring the wand to the bottle?

Bottom Right Bottle: This magnetic bottle is not filled water. To it, you can add cut up pipe cleaners, paper clips, and cut straws. You will need a magnetic wand. Which items are are magnetic?

St patricks Day Science Discovery Bottles Explore magnets and magnetism

The caps on these bottles can be sealed with hot glue or even duct tape wrapped around the seal. Because the materials are contained inside, these science discovery bottles are an awesome way to introduce science to very young kids.

St Patricks Day Science Discovery Bottles for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten science

Place in a basket or leave in the clever carton they came in. They can be gently rolled on the floor for babies to explore with you. Toddlers can sit and check them out as well. Older kids can help make them! Our science discovery bottles are also perfect for a home or class room science center.

Easy To Make St Patrick’s Day Science Discovery Bottles!

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St Patricks Day Science Discovery Bottles VOSS



Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy STEM challenges. 

St Patricks Day STEM Challenge Cards