Snowflake Painting Tape Resist Stencil Fun!

By | December 19, 2013

Snowflake Painting

tape resist and easy stencil making fun!

snowflake painting activity

To go along with our snow day this week, we also did some snowflake painting. Liam is still wary of painting, so I have been trying to come with some fun and simple painting projects that have a little structure to them as well. Although I would love painting to be an open-ended, free-flowing activity, this is just not practical for Liam at this time. He needs more of a step by step process with a start and a finish that is clearly defined. However, within the activity, I try to step back as much as he will let me so that he can try out some of his creative spirit!

Snowflake canvases are a beautiful decoration too!

We were given some brand new but damaged canvases from one of my husband's work friends. Although they were still wrapped in plastic, they were water damaged (and had leaves inside, weird since they were totally sealed with the leaves inside)! However, I like free and I knew that it was really only our adult eyes that noticed the limits rather than the possibilities of these canvases. I decided we might as well put them to use for our snowflake painting. snowflake painting table set up  

Snowflake Painting Set Up

I placed two canvases on our activity table. One canvas was for the painters tape snowflakes and one canvas was for our coffee filter stencil snowflakes. I also set out a big bowl of blue paint! Simple!

Tape Resist Snowflake 

snowflake painting tape resist set upI made the first one so that Liam had a visual of what he needed to do! I gave him pieces of tape and he placed them as he wanted on the canvas. We talked about how no two are alike even the ones we make. He noticed his were different from mine and also different from each other even though he made them all. He said he was making a snow storm and was happy to make quite a few!

Coffee Filter Stencil Snowflake 

snowflake painting cutting coffee filter snowflakes I had tried the idea of practicing cutting with these snowflakes but it didn't go over so well the day before. I decided to put it out again and  worst case scenario, I would cut them for us. He was eager to try it and did a great job. I have never really made snowflakes before but it couldn't be easier with coffee filters. Fold in half and then fold again. I made lines for Liam or free-hand it if you like! We need new scissors since I think they were more of a hinderance than his emerging skills! We made four snowflakes together and spread them out on the canvas.

Snowflake Painting

snowflake painting canvases   Our mission: To paint everything blue! We did a little together and he did a lot on his own. I let him paint it as he wished but did help him paint down the edges of the coffee filters so they would stay in place first. We had to be more careful with the stencils than the tape. You may want to consider that with your child! I did not clean up his brush strokes but rather enjoyed the different ways he used the brush. I did encourage him to smooth out pools of paint.

Snowflake Painting Completed!

snowflake painting finished canvasesSo pretty! I do recommend from experience to take off the coffee filters before they dry completely! I did not do this and used an exacto knife to peel off as much as I could. Liam thought they looked beautiful when he saw them. Of course, he paid no mind to the bits of coffee filter stuck to the canvas still. Kids eyes are wonderful for seeing beauty first. Good to remember for us adults!

Now we have winter art with these snowflake paintings to decorate our house all season long!


8 thoughts on “Snowflake Painting Tape Resist Stencil Fun!

  1. Emma

    These are beautiful! And I’m totally impressed with your son’s coffee filter snowflake – mine never come out that well!

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  3. Jill

    What a lovely painting. I bet your son had a blast!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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