Icy cold mornings, freshly fallen snow, shorter days! Whether you are a winter fan or not, you will surely enjoy our favorite winter activities for kids below.  Explore amazing snowflakes, have fun with snowmen, learn about Arctic animals and more.  These winter theme activities for preschoolers to elementary are the perfect way to enjoy winter indoors and outdoors this season!


Easy Winter Theme Activities for Kids


Looking for printable winter activities all in one place? Check out our winter worksheets.

There are so many fun activities to enjoy during the winter months with your kids.  Click on the titles below for the complete supply list and instructions.  All of these winter activities are easy to do, use simple and inexpensive supplies, and are sure to be a hit with the kids!

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DIY Bird Feeder – Make this super easy DIY bird feeder to feed the wild birds in your backyard during winter.

DIY Thermometer – Make your own homemade thermometer and compare the temperature indoors with the cold outdoors.

Crystal Snowflake Ornaments – You can enjoy your crystal snowflake ornaments all winter long with our simple borax crystal growing recipe!

Salt Crystal Snowflakes- Similar to our crystal snowflake ornaments above, except this time we grow crystals with salt.

Fizzing Snowman – Explore chemical reactions and a fun winter theme with a snowman activity that kids love!

Freezing Bubbles – Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? Take the bubble play outdoors and see if you can freeze bubbles with our easy bubble recipe.

Frost On A Can

Frosty’s Magic MilkA simple classic science activity with a wintery theme the kids love! Frosty’s magic milk experiment is sure to be a favorite.

Magic Milk for Winter Science

Ice Fishing

LEGO Challenge Cards

Melting Snowmen – This is a simple winter science activity perfect for preschoolers. Make snowmen from baking soda and watch them “melt” or fizz away when you add the vinegar.

Melting Snow Science

Polar Bear Blubber Science Experiment – How can polar bears and other Arctic animals possibly stay warm out there with those freezing temperatures, icy water, and relentless wind? This super simple polar bear blubber science experiment will help kids feel and see what keeps those big animals warm!

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Reindeer Facts & Activities – Learn all about these amazing Arctic animals and print out our free Name the Body Part reindeer worksheet.

Snowball Launcher

Snow Candy

Snow Ice CreamThis super easy, 3-ingredient snow ice cream recipe is perfect this season for a yummy treat. It’s a bit different to our ice cream in a bag science experiment, but still lots of fun!

Snowflake Oobleck 

Snowflake Science with YouTube

Snow Storm In A Jar – Setup an invitation to create a winter snowstorm in a jar science experiment with oil and water. Kids will love creating their snowstorms with common household supplies, and they can even learn a bit about simple science in the process too.

Snow VolcanoTake a simple baking soda and vinegar reaction out into the snow!


DIY Snow Globe

Grandma Moses Winter Art

Frida Winter Art – This fun Frida Kahlo, winter art project is inspired by the famous artist’s work! Use the free printable and follow the instructions below to help kids of all ages create their own masterpieces.

Marshmallow Igloo

Picasso Snowman

Preschool Snowflake Art With Tape – A super simple snowflake activity for winter that kid of all ages will enjoy doing! Our tape resist snowflake painting is easy to set up and fun to do with kids this season.

Snowflake Coloring Page

Drawing Snowflakes Step By Step

Melted Bead Snowflake OrnamentMake your own plastic snowflake ornaments with melted pony beads.  Follow our step by step tutorial to create these simple winter ornaments.

LEGO Snowflake Ornament.

Paper Snow Globe Craft

Polar Bear Puppet Craft

Snowman In A Bag – Make your own snowman in a bag for homemade sensory play.  This easy squishy craft is sure to be a favorite winter activity for kids.

3D Snowman

3D Paper Snowflakes

Snowy Owl Winter Craft

Snow Paint

Snowflake Stamping – Get stamping this winter with our gorgeous DIY snowflake stamp. Great for fine motor skills and learning about shapes, this snowflake craft is sure to please!

Make a snowflake stamp

Snowflake Zentangle

Snowflake Salt PaintingHave you ever tried salt painting for a quick winter craft activity? We think snowflake salt painting is tons of fun.

Yule Log Craft For Winter Solstice

Watercolor Snowflakes – Use a hot glue gun to create a resist on cardstock and paint some colorful snowflakes on an indoor winters day.

Winter Dot Painting – Be inspired by famous artist, George Seurat to create this fun winter scene with nothing but dots. Free printable included!

Winter Handprint Art


Arctic Slime – Our Arctic slime recipe is the perfect for winter theme. Best part is you don’t have to live in the Arctic to enjoy this slime recipe!

Snow Slime Recipes

We have the BEST winter theme slime recipes around. You can make our melting snowman slime, snowflake confetti slime, fluffy snow slime, snow floam, and more!

How to make snow slime recipes with kids for easy winter slime themes.

Snowflake Slime

Another Snowflake Slime


Preschool Penguin Activities

Snowman Sensory Bottle

Make Fake SnowToo much snow or not enough snow? It doesn’t matter when you know how to make fake snow! Treat the kids to an indoor snowman building session or fun winter sensory play with this super easy to make snow recipe!

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