We love our LEGO books! They provide countless hours of enjoyment on a daily basis. I have picked out 10 of our favorite {or soon to be favorite} LEGO books to share with you. I love giving books as gifts any time of the year, and giving LEGO books is the perfect gift. Read! Build! Play!

10 Awesome LEGO Books for Kids

10 LEGO Books for Kids


You may have seen some of these LEGO books before. They are quite popular and we own {almost} all of them! Books are awesome for indoor days and quiet time play. Adding small activities within books like the LEGO activities makes any afternoon perfect. Sticker books, building challenge books, first readers, visual dictionaries, character encyclopedias, and more! Whether my son is looking through his LEGO books on his own or we are reading to him, these 10 LEGO books are awesome. Everything is Awesome!

10 LEGO books for Kids LEGO gift ideas

10 Awesome LEGO Books for Your Library

This year we added quite a few new LEGO books to our library as my son’s interest in LEGO sets has been growing quickly. My husband particularly loves these LEGO books {reliving childhood memories!}, and the two of them have a great time together reading and playing.

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1. Chain Reactions

My son was so excited to show me his first chain reaction LEGO build from this book!

2. Crazy Action Contraptions

This comes with every brick, gear & axle you need to create 16 unique projects.

3. The LEGO Technic Idea Book Simple Machines

We don’t have this one yet, but we were given tons of technic LEGO and we need some help figuring it out!


Brick master books are so cool! They come with a bunch of bricks and mini-figures. The books have a story and different building ideas that use the LEGO bricks included. We also have  Ninjago and Chima Brickmaster books!

5. Visual Dictionaries

The LEGO visual dictionaries are awesome for kids who love to ponder over their favorite LEGO collections! They are such a great price since they include a mini figure too!

6. Character Encyclopedias

We also have a few of these. Learn all about your favorite LEGO sets or mini-figures!

7. LEGO Activity Books

These are also a very good price for an activity book with stories and a mini-figure. We also have one for Chima, Ninjago, and Mixels!

8. LEGO Movie Essential Guide

My son’s new favorite since he borrowed it from the library last week.

9. Adventures in LEGO City

Eight stories! Great first reader books!

10. LEGO Sticker Books

Stories and stickers plus its reusable! There are several to choose from.

BONUS: The Yoda Chronicles

We are new to Star Wars this year, so I am excited to read these.

Hope you found a new LEGO book to give or get!



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