A fun LEGO science activity and icy rescue with LEGO mini-figures! We love ice melting activities and have given this simple sensory activity a fun LEGO twist!  Give your budding scientists and LEGO fans a hands-on learning experience for fun and simple LEGO activities all year round. 

Melt Ice For LEGO Sensory Play And Science

Creating an ice melt activity is quite easy, but takes a few hours, so plan accordingly! You can check out our best tips for the making the perfect ice melt every time!

Melting ice is also fun science for toddlers to preschoolers. Why is this? It is a simple way to introduce states of matter. You have frozen water which is a solid called ice. When the ice melts, it becomes a liquid.

Older kids will love our ice melting experiment with salt!

Encourage kids to make observations with their 5 senses throughout the activity.

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • How does it feel?
  • What sounds does it make?

Ice melting is a pretty easy concept for kids to understand and it is so easy to create icy themes that include your kid’s interests, like this LEGO themed ice melt!

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Tips For Making A Great Ice Melt

Below we show you how to set up your LEGO ice melt in an ice cube tray. Alternatively, you can create one large ice block by using something like a milk carton. I like using the milk carton because once frozen, you can easily rip away the container.

The most important part of creating a great ice melt is to freeze your characters in layers. I do 4 to 5 layers in the milk carton with a few figures in each layer.

You can chose to color the water by adding a few drops of food coloring and also you can add glitter.

Once completely frozen, tear away this container and place in a shallow pan/dish. This will help collect the water once it melts.

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LEGO Ice Melt Activity

Want more fun ways to use Mini-figs? Set up a LEGO zipline, build a LEGO parachute, or even make LEGO slime!


  • Ice cube mold or plastic container
  • Water
  • LEGO mini-figures
  • Glitter and Food Coloring {optional}


STEP 1. Add your mini-figs to the ice cube mold.

STEP 2. Add water to cover your LEGO pieces and place in the freezer until frozen solid.

STEP 3. Once your LEGO ice cubes are frozen, get ready to explore the fun of melting ice to free your mini-figs. Set up a large bowl or tray of warm water along with meat basters and squeeze bottles.

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