What better way to practice fine motor skills than with a few fine motor kids building sets. Here you will find a few of our favorite ideas for fun building kits that we enjoy at home. Build fine motor skills, play and learn with awesome toys.  We love fun hands-on building activities for kids!


10 Fine Motor Building Sets Engineering Kits for Kids

Building For Kids

A child can practice fine motor skills in many ways, not just with pencils and tweezers. Building and engineering play are perfect ways to engage in fine motor play, especially if you have a reluctant writer! How can you strengthen fingers, improve hand-eye coordination, and increase dexterity? Try one of these fine motor building sets! I bet you have a few of them already!

Playful fine motor play with everyday toys!

My son loves these fine motor building kits. We either own them or enjoy them at friend’s houses, He is a reluctant writer, colorer, tweezer user, etc. I think he would rather play with toys, and he should!

Playtime is perfect for working on fine motor skills without even trying to do it. He gets so much practice with LEGO building, tinker toys, and geo mags, that he is well prepared to write when he is ready. These building kits below are perfect for increasing skills in a fun way.

Benefits of  Fine Motor Building Sets:

  • Improve finger dexterity and isolation of finger movements.
  • Increase hand-eye coordination.
  • Work on finger grasps such as pincer, modified tripod, and tripod
  • Increase hand strength and build muscle.
  • Work on problem-solving, engineering, creating, and exploring engineering concepts.

10 Awesome Building Kits For Kids 

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TinkerToy Building Set 

This one is a classic but so versatile.  Over 300 pieces and tonnes of building ideas for young kids.

K’Nex Building Set

Another classic building set for fine motor inventing! Lots of little pieces to push together.

Lego Creative Brick Box

A great bargain for an awesome assortment of LEGO. LEGO is our number one choice for fine motor building sets around here!

Lincoln Logs

Placing the logs is great fine motor work. You have to isolate fingers, use hand eye coordination and patience!

Marble Run

There are so many variations you can test out. The construction part is fairly easy but it still is great fine motor practice fitting the piece together.

Zoobs Robot Building

Snapping the pieces together requires coordination and hand strength. Finger dexterity is helpful!

Demolition Construction Set

This is like building a giant house of cards but a bit more do-able for younger children. Cards must be put in holders and carefully stacked on each other.

Snap Circuits Junior

Snapping the circuits into the base is all about fine motor skills {as well as removing them}!


Small rods and balls require tripod and pincer grasps to manipulate and build!

Straws and Connectors Building Kit

Perfect, simple fine motor work that younger kids can enjoy too. My son loves that he can build large structures with this set.

Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

—>>> FREE STEM challenges


LEGO Balloon Car
Build A Stick Fort
Gumdrop Bridge
Popsicle Stick Catapult
Build A Hand Crank Winch

Click on the link or on the image below for more fun building activities for kids.

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